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Last year, me and my newly married wife went to see movie in cinema in evening time. Movie was not of my choice. so I was more interested in enjoying her at a public place. So, I deliberately took the left corner seatsin the last row.She is very horny and arouses very easily. So, soon after a erotic scene, I started teasing her. She was on my left wearing a low waist saree and looking bomb. She also aroused quickly and started enjoying. I slowly kissed her and pressed her boobs. her hand started discovering my cock. she was wearing a backless padded blouse without bra that day.Meanwhile I started creasing her bare navel which is herweakest point. soon she was out of control and ready for action. She took my cock out and started playing with it. I also slid my hand in her cleavage showing fromtight deep neck blouse. But due to tight blouse, I opened hooks of her blouse for better access. I was surprised to find that she was not wearing bra. it make my job easy and I fully opened her blouse from front and started pressing her boobs hard and crushing her perky nipples. Now her boobs were open under her transparent saree and my bare hard cock was in her soft hand. it was our first experience in a public place tocrease each other, due to which our excitement was on cloud seven.I then took out her milky white spongy boob out in the air as we were alone in last row. They shining even in dim light and her pinkish brown nipples were standing proudly inviting me to suck. I started sucking and she was pressing my head and was moaning slowly. soon my hand went inside her petticoat from downside as it was tight from upper side. I lifted her saree up to her knees and started creasing her butter smooth thighs. soon she opened her legs and gave me access to her dripping cunt.My fingers reached to her pussy quickly. Her thong wasalready wet with her juices. I adjusted it sideways and entered the hole soon after some tickling. she mouned loudly and I freezed in the same position. she immediately covered my head with her saree and hold my hand tightly to stop me. After few seconds, she left my hand and started pressing my head on her boobs togive me green signal. I become assured that a group of men in their early fourties who were in the row which was in front of us didn't noticed her loud moan. I again started sucking and fingering her while she was moaning slowing and moving her sexy slim body in rythm.I was feeling difficulty in entering fingers fully so asked her to lift her hot ass a bit so that I can remove her thong. She her ass and after some difficulty I managed to get rid of her thong, she put it in her purse. After some fingering, she was nearing climax and her mouns became bit louder. so, I stood up a bit to analyze others. everyone was busy in movie and we both were busy in sexual stuff. she was fully in heat and grabbed my cock again and started sucking it madly. it was one of the best moment of my life. I was pressing her boobsbadly in return. I soon reached on verge to cum.So I asked her to pause and to give her return gift I triedto adjust myself in her legs to lick her pussy but it was very difficult to access her pussy in saree in that position. So we shifted some seats in the same row so that no one is directly in seats front of us for bit more space and privacy. but it was still difficult to suck her soagain I started fingering her and kissing her madly. she was also stroking me. Suddenly, a man from no where came towards our row and we adjusted our self quickly.I managed to put my cock in my pants while my wife put her saree down from her thighs and covered her boobs with transparent saree.Still her blouse was wide open and her nipples were erect under the saree but due to dim light, they were not showing clearly. We sit normally for some time and concentrated on movie but to my utter surprise she put her hand again on my cock again and kissed on my cheeks after few minutes. I understood the bitch is mad in heat and she even forgot that a man is sitting on her left seat and her blouse is still open.I asked her to quit the movie and go home for sex, intermission was also close and her boobs will be visible once lights will be on. if she closes blouse, then the man next to her will come to know that her blouse was open. After thinking for few second, she also agreed and we went towards exit. she hooked her blouse when we came near to some empty seats. we drove back to home quickly. on the way, we did some creasing only due to traffic and lights. she told that she enjoyed a hot and is very horny right now.On reaching home, we quickly shed our clothes and started rough wild sex directly. while pumping her I asked why she was holding my cock even when someone was sitting on her left. Then the biggest surprise came, she told that the man was creasing her tummy and navel and pressing her nude boob and pinching her left nipple also under the saree, so she became more horny. he even put her left hand on his big cock which was out of her trousers, he used her hand for mild jerking also. he was of the same group who were sitting in front of us. They caught us when shemouned loudly when I entered my finger first time. Her left boob was also visible nude as I was sucking right one. they passed wicked smile to my wife. she also blushed and covered me and her boobs with saree at once. he might took it her green signal and may thoughtthat she was slutty, that's why he came near her. They were also keeping eye on us in between. I became madon hearing this and fucked her madly.We had a great night and still enjoys on thinking of that incident. when we were normal, I asked her why she didn't told me about him that time, she told that her boobs were open and a unwanted scene would had created as they were in group and she was also enjoying it fully and only sex was on her mind that time.
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