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Jerichoís Cafe
If you ask anyone about Jerichoís Cafe, they would probably say itís a down low shady place for a hangout. JC as the regulars would call it, was a cafeí opened in 80ís by a bunch of artists who had managed to sell their paintings and decided to invest their money in buying this corner shop which was back then a Diner in sale, in the 22nd street of Rayson, New york.

Artists would set up meetings and make connections and discuss about art. It was a place swamped by painters, actors, writers, dealers and addicts. Many of them just lived on coffee and cigarettes on days to come till they could think of something creative or crack an idea. The place was always filled with lit cigarettes, flat beer and dead coffee. If you turn off the lights all the burning end of cigarettes would seem like hundreds of fireflies gathered at one place. JC gave out this energy, this passion for new thinkers to create something that was going to be outstanding for the generations to come. There is a myth that caught around like wildfire that JC was indeed the birthplace for free culture movement. Many a times, JC was misunderstood as a place for addicts and crack dealers, which was kind of true but not entirely. There was no television in JC and still there isnít one. It strictly remains a place where constant noise would be of a typewriter button clutching itís ink onto the paper or flicks from cigarette lighter. Sometimes you could feel the frustration of the writer by mere sound of the pencil lead getting scratched across the poor helpless paper. The whole success part of the cafť was that it was not bound by any rules that would restrict the artists to think or discuss on any issues. It was a paradise for the regulars there and newcomers often used to get scared of that place and it was meant to be like that. JC was not built for everyone to get comfy and cozy, it was a place where true artists who would embrace their inner fire through the sweat fumes, failures and broken ideas of other artists by being with them by stewing their life with them.

What makes art valuable and artist immortal? Who can answer, Who can define them? Like all the good things that have an evil side, JC did too. As time passed by, it became a place where meetings for forged paintings would be held and as there was no authority figure to control JC, the corrupt ideas and minds bloomed with all the force and there was nothing that anyone could do about it.

JC is now considered one of the most happening places to trade art and do all kind of meetings for forged art in the black market. JC is still one of the non-sponsor and advertise free zone for artists because no one knows who owns it or whom to buy it from.

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