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Question.1 : Any wicket to fall in the First Over of Any Innings ? (A) Yes (B) No......1 Point
Answer.1 : (b)

Question.2 : Team hitting more Sixes ( 6's) to lose the match ? (A) Yes (B) No ......1 Point
Answer.2 : B

Question.3 : Opening partnership of which team will score more runs ? (A) CSK (B) DD (C) Tie ......1 Point
Answer.3 : A

Question.4 : Bonus :Predict the bowler to have best economy in the entire match? (Must have bowled atleast 2 full overs). ......2 Points

Question.5 : Bonus : Total number of wickets to fall in form of Bowled in the entire match? ......2 Points
Answer.5 :5

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