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Originally Posted by hotbloodline View Post
Hi... i read whole story of your life when you were in school college and so on... dear major of us gone through this kind of experience you are not all.. i also had similar life like you... First thing first never trust blindly on anyone in your life no one is important and valuable for you more than your parents... dont trust anybody apart from them... they are the single thing made by god that they love without cheat or selfishness.. second all thing are part of our life involve any every activity but dont loose focus think like your career is like ur breath you cant forget it... I have also chatted talked to many girls fuck married woman when i was in 12th standard i got back in maths everybody was disappointed i lost my mother in same year i had long distance relationship too that was about to lost... i wasted my alot of time on internet just day dreaming i will have this car this watch, iphone all things i have passed my engg from below average college.. but yes i studied in college hard and passed with good grade which help me get a mediocre job in tier2 city i have lil good salary now.. now i thought i have alot of free time what should i do... we just have to priorities things every thing will be ok... just keep hope you will get a hot and beautiful girl whenever you will succeed.. dont run behind girls... they are plenty of them but your time isn't... hope you understand now
Yes Sir, You said the right thing about parents. I am focusing on my career now

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