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Hi Coolest Boyz,

Read through your message, and thought about replying back to you at the earliest, due the distressing end messaging saying that you felt like ending your life. That was disturbing for anyone to know what the other feels, so i thought of sharing a moment with you and take you out from any sort of mental disturbance you have ever had about porn addiction and their affect on our social life.

Life of a human, talk about orgins, living and future has been carefully developed like an art. All the answers one wants from life, such as concentration, financial settlement and independence along with good social life.

I urge everybody the same thing from my friends circle and people who have approached me in the past for sharing their thoughts. The reason reason for ups and downs in life, the success and failure of one, all is somewhere connected within you on a sub conscious level of your mind. Thoughts arise, it might be negative, or it might be stress relief by watching porn or talking to girls.

You need to read through the benefits of Not Masturbating and Not watching porn! It will change your life into wonders! You need to understand the way of living life, noone is asking you to curb talking to girls, but see the brighter side of how it can benefit you in your life altogether!

I and many have really reaped the benefits of it, I do not go talking about it, because many think its the secret of good life, I am least bothered to care about what others think, they may or may not accept this, but the ones who are succesful are living a good life!


I hope to see your reply as to how it brings good within you.

Make the most from my visit.

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