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Originally Posted by friend_just_buddy View Post
< image > ladies and Gentleman(do we have any ) as it says that better late than never

so on behalf of entire organization team of eXbii
we are presenting < image >


XB's Xclusive Queen

2013 SECOND Edition

We had 5 delicious rounds, 16 Hot contestants (shorted in every passing rounds), Tons of super hot < image >, Back-breaking < image > from excited fans < image > ...

And now
after many days of hard work, we are ready to announce the Winner

but before I would like to < image > to all the members who took part in discussions, voting, followed & encouraged the contestants.


< image > to all the Contestants without whose participation there would be no contest.

The Prizes for the Winner are

Prizes :
  1. Winner : 15000 rep. + 1 month FF coupon + 1 Month Sticky thread in PnV(a)+ Dibba < image >
  2. 1st Runner Up : 10000 rep. + 1 month FF Coupon
  3. 2nd Runner Up : 7500 rep. + 1 month FF Coupon
  4. Winner of a Round : Winner : 2000 Reps , 1st Runner Up : 1500 Reps , 2nd Runner Up : 1000 Reps
  5. Participation : 500 in Each Round , Additional 500 if participated in all rounds.
  6. Rotating Dibbas : Boobs Queen Ass Queen BJ Queen Daring Queen
The admin team members have chosen the winner from the short list.

The contestants were Judged on Quality, Quantity, Innovation, Boldness & Efforts not only in the contest thread but also in their regular Xclusive threads.

And after days of hard deliberations and brainstorming,


hearty Congratulations to the Winner

followed by
dixa as first runner up n with askibii as second runner up
And for the rest of the contestants , unfortunately not everyone can win at the same time, but this contest wouldn't have been such a mega hit without your participation < image > so this time we have some special rotating dibbas for our other contestants (surprisingly,they all were the finalist as well)

< image >Daring Queen : Rahulpavi
< image >BJ Queen : askibii
< image >boobs queen : reena007
< image >ass queen :dixa

you all will receive your awards/prizes/dibbas ASAP till then ENJOY your xclusivity


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