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Old 26th January 2011
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Old 26th January 2011
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Old 26th January 2011
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Old 29th January 2011
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full story for ur revision

I am male & writer of story and this is just a friction.so guys pls don't use ur adjectives 4 me

My name is Rekha, I am 27 years of age. I am very attractive in looks. I am fair with long black hair. I am

busty & tall. My figure is 38D-30-42 and I am 5’4” tall. I got married at age of 18. Mine was a love

marriage. I ran away with my bf and got married. He is Muslim & I am from a Hindu family. I don’t have

any relation with my family since marriage & even he doesn’t have any relation with his family so we

shifted to Ajmer from Jaipur.

I was happy with my married life my hubby use to love me a lot we use to have sex regularly. He had

bought all modern amenity in house. We never planned child 5 years passed. He always use to say

“abhi nahi tumhari jawani ka raas to choos ne do jara”. I never knew what business he was doing.

One day in morning police raided our house and found small packet of narcotics. I was scared. I called

my father he refused to help & same happen with his family too. I felt as if I am all alone in world. He was

behind the bars. I dint knew what to do and what not to. I tried all day to help him out but no one came

for our help. I met lawyer who promised me that nothing will happen as quantity they found was very

small, it does not fall in serious crime and he will get bail within few days.

In the evening Police Inspector came to our house. I was scared I was all alone. He told me he has

come for search. I had no reason not to allow him. He searched in leaving room here and there then he

told me to open cupboards. He started searching cupboard. He showed me a big packet and that was of

same narcotics which they had ceased.

He looked at me with grid and told me “ Maine yea packet jaanbuj ke subha mai nahi nikala nahi to tera

mard puri jindagi andar nikalta”.

I had tears in my eyes and was pleased with his mercy on me.

I folded my hands and told him “ Sahab main aapka sukraiya kaise aada karu muje nahi malum par

main vachan deti hu ki aaj ke baad khabhi bhi unko Drugs ka Dhandha nahi karne doongi”.

He laughed at me “ abe Sali sukriya mai tera le lunga bus tu utna kar jo main kaheta hu.”

Now I smelled something fishy. So I asked him “kya aapko rupiya chahiye”.

He smiled and said “nahi muje tu chahiye, Subhse jabse tuje dekha hai sala maan bahut machal raha

hai teri jawani ko nanga dekh ne ko”.

I was shocked bloddy dark ugly fat guy thinking of fucking me “ yea kya kaha rahe ho sahib, Main koi

aisi waisi nahi hu”.

He said : “ Ha Sali ishi liye to mera dil aagaya tujpar”

I was angry and shouted at him : “ Nahi main tumhari complain kar dungi”

He again laugh: ”kiso mujko hi meri complain karegi, Abhi tak mainey koi FIR nahi banyee hai, muje

kush karde warna tera mard puri jindagi bhar jail me sadega, aur saley ki roj gaand marunga, aur tu

idhar akeli na tera baap sathme na tera sasur aur tera us bhadve vakil ko maine aapne sath le liya hai.

Fir tu Sali randi banke puri jindagi kategi”

All my anger went away and my legs started trembling : “ Sir main aapke pair(legs) pakadti hu pls muje

jane dijiye, pls meri jindagi kharab matkijiye”

He : “ tikh hai main jata hu aur FIR aur yea mall sath me jod deta hu, nahi nahi aisa karta hu thoda maal

aur iske sath mila deta hu jitna jyada maal utni badi saja”.

I had tears in my eyes & I was standing with my hands folded in front of him.

He said : “ thik hai chal ek baar tere mard ko dekh ke usko khana kila ke atey hai mangta hai to usey bhi

pocch le ki uski jindagi ki kimat mere sath ek raat sona hai”

I thought at least I will see him and feed him he must be hungry sine morning: “ thik hai sahib”

I went to get ready. I heard him calling someone and telling “sale ko chamber main le ke ja”

I went to police station with him in his jeep.

On the way he told me to buy some food for my hubby, which I did.
As we reached police station he told me to wait out side.
I waited for about 10-15 min.
He called me in.
He took me to a room from where I could see on 42” LCD TV screen that my hubby’s hands & legs were

tied with ceiling and he was hanging facing ground.
That inspector went in and started torturing my hubby. He pulled his hair, slapped him. Hit him with

Then he ordered constable: “ Sale ko nanga kar, Madarchod ki gand me danda jayega to sabh uglega”
Constable brought my hubby down & striped him nude. He was standing with his hands covering his

tool. I could just see could not help him.
Inspector told him to bend on a table as he kept his upper half body on table they tied his hands & legs

with tables leg.
Inspector went behind towards his ass. He moved his hands on my hubby’s bumbs : “ kya chikani gand hai, jara tel laga sale ki gand main”
Constable brought some oil and pored it in my hubby’s ass.
Inspector said “ kya nathu marega ya pahele Danda dalu”
One of constable : “sahib pahele pelne do maja aayega, bahut dino se itni tight gand nahi mili”
Inspector : “thik hai tum iski pelo main bahar jata hu par eke k bar hi pelna fir thoda khana kha lene dena”
I show inspector coming out of integration room.
My eyes were still on TV Screen.
Both constables striped them self nude. They were ugly & obsessed. One of them was circumcised.

Other one’s was with skin. I had seen first time a dick with skin & both of them were double the size of

my hubby. One with skinned dick went behind my hubby and started moving his hands on my hubby’s

bumbs. Then he pushed one of his finger in ass.
1st constable : “Hussain sale ki gand mast tight hai maja aajyega”
Hussain : “ Ha Mangilal chikna bhi hai”
Magilal : “tera uske muh me de, main pichali bajata hu”
Oh no I dint know what to do.
I was watching my hubby crying with pain and both motherfuckers were fucking him.
I heard door open, it was inspector.
Inspector : “ bol Sali meri randi banti hai ki AIDS wale se tere mard ki gand marvavu”
Inspector : “ AIDS wala sala nigro hapsi hai inlogo se double hai uska lund”
I was speechless standing there seeing one guy forcing his dick in my hubby’s mouth other banding his

butts and inspector telling me he has guy who’s tool is bigger than this 2 that too he has AIDS.
I was so much so confused that I became statue.
Inspector slapped me on my bust : “Sali bolna nahi to tuje bhi uske baju me lagavake gand marvavu , wo nigro se”
I was shocked. I just moved my head saying ok.
Inspector : “ idhar raat gujaregi ya tere ghar par”
I said with tears in my eyes : “jidhar aap chaho”
Inspector : “ek round idhar kar ke,l tere ghar hi chalet hai, waha koi disturb nahi karega”
He blotted door from inside : “Chal abhi jaldi jaldi nangi ho jaa”
I dint know what to do so : “ kya”
He slapped me on face and pulled my duppata : “ maa ki chudi Sali tere ko nanga hone nahi aata”
He pulled my kurta and opened my payjama’s nada which fell on ground : “ Chal jaldi se bodies(BRA) aur nikar(PANTY) ko bhi utar” and started music.
I unhooked my bra removed it but covered my bust with one hand and with other hand I started removing my panty. I was nude for first time in front of other man. I could not look into his eyes my eyes were on ground.

He told me : “ Sali aapne hath ko upper sar ke upper rakh”
Maine mere hath sar pe rakh diye muje bahut saram aarahi thi par majboor thi.
Police : “Mere paas aaja Sali randi”
Muje wo randi karke pukarna bahut bura laga par fir bhi apane hath sar pe rakh ke main uske baju tak gayee. Wo kurshi par betha tha.
Muje nanga dekh uski aankh hawas se dugni ho gayi thi.
Police : “kya malai he re, kyat era mard tere ball nahi dabata, itne kadak hai, ji karta hai salo ka pura raas choos lu”
Police : “ Jara ghoom ke apani gand bhi dikha”
Main turn hui to usne aapne hathse meri gand ko sahalaya. Fir mere bumps ko spread kar ke mere chidra ko dekhne laga.fir mere bumps ko kiss karne laga. Muje fira ke meri jhato ko kiss karne laga.
Police : “Ghar jaa ke yea Jhat saaf karde na”
Maine haa me apana sar hiladiya.
Upper ki aur mere boobs pe aaya, halke se hath firane laga.dono ko hatho se hilane laga.
Kurshi pe baithe bola : “chal jara kudke dikha”
I : “ Kya”
Police : “ aapne hath sar pe rakh ke jaara uchal muje tere nachte huve ball dekhne hai”
I kept my hands on head and jumped.
He removed his belt. I was scared thinking about his dick.
Police “ Sali madarjat ek bar nahi jab tak na nahi kahu tab tak” aur usne mere legs par jor se aapna belt mara.
Main uchal ne lagi vo mere ball ko uchalte dekh bahut garma gaya aur turant apani pant kholdi fir shirt bi utar di. Bahut mota aur kala tha wo. Uthke mere pass aya aur bola rukho

I stoped jumping. He huged me and started kissing my face and folding my breasts. He was hurting me

while he was folding them. He had applied all strength for folding and curdling them.
I : “ouch sir bahut dard karta hai jara dhire se”
Fir usne thodi rahemdili dikha ke thoda jor kam kiya aur uske lips mere lips ke paas laya. Shit it was stinking of tobacco, so I moved my lips away. Toe usne mere bal(hair) jorse pakade aur mere muhu uski aur karke mere lips pe aapne lips rakh kar jor se choosne laga. Fir mere mouth ko aapne thum aur first finger se jor se dabane laga dard ke mare muje aapne mouth kholna pada. Jaise mere lips khoole usne aapni toung mere mouth ke andar daldi. Usne muje diwal ke sahare khada kiya aur mere lips aur mouth ke sath smooch karne laga. Muje badbu se ghin aarahi thi. Tab tak usne aapna ek hath mere right boobs par leja ke dabane laga. Dhire dhire mere nipples ko ched ne laga. Main bhi garam ho rahi thi. Wo sirf underwear me that. Aur uska lund mere chut pe maar raha tha.
Abh wo muje mere bal(hair) se pakad ke table ki aur juka diya. Table ki us aur 46” ke LCD pe mere pati ki gand mar rahi thi. Maine dekha ki jo pahele wala tha wo mar chukka tha aur abh dusra chada tha. Aur abhut jor jor se short laga raha tha. Tab wo piche se mere bumps par aapna lund underwear ke under se daba raha tha aur uske hath mere boobs daba rahe the.

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Old 29th January 2011
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Tabhi achanak kisi ne darwaje pe dastak di aur kaha : “ Sahab bade sahib ka phone hai aur wo 10 min

me round up pe aarahe hai”
Police : “chi sala uus harami ko bhi abhi aana tha. Chal Sali jaldi se kapade pahenle aur ha dekh under

kuch nahi pahen na. Fir tere ghar pe ja ke hi aage ka kaam karenge.”
I wore my salwar kurta without wearing my bra & panty. Aur usne muje mere pati ke pass jake usko

khana khilane kaha.
Kuch time hum ek doosre se chipak kar rote rahe aur usne muje sorry kaha.
Maine use kaha: “daro mat maine vakil se baat kar li hai tumhe kuch nahi honga”
Karib 20 min bad ek havaldar aaya aur bola ki time ho gaya hey. Maine pati ko Inspector ke bare main

kuch bhi kahena uchit nahi samja. Na hi maine unse unki gand marne wali bat ka jikra kiya na unhone

Aur main Inspector ke cabin main chali gayi. Muje dekh Inspector muskuraya.

Inspector : “ kyu Sali aapne mard ko khana khila diya, bool idhar choddu ya ghar pe pelwayegi”
Maine kuch nahi kaha aur chup chap uske samne khadi rahi
Inspector : “ chal tere ghar pe hi aaram ke sath masti main lake chodunga tere ko, Ja jake bahar gadi ke

pass khadi rahe main atta hu.”
Main bahar uski police jeep ke pass ja ke khadi ho gayi
Kuch der bad wo aaya muje jeep main baithne ko kaha aur jeep chala ne laga
Kuch door jane pe usne ek sarab ki dukan ke pass jeep khadi ki aur mujse pucha
Inspector : “tum konsi daru piti ho”
ME: “maine aaj tak kabhi sarab nahi peehai, aap aapke liye le lo muje nahi chahiye”
Wo muskurate huwe andar gaya aur ek badi sarab ki bottle le ke aaya.
Fir hotel main se kuch khane ka parcel liya.
Inspector : “khana to khati ho na”
Me : “ha”
Hum here building se kuch door ruke aur usne mujse kaha
Inspector : “tum javo aur tumhari jhat ke bal saf kardo main aatta hu, aur ha under se lock mat karna

mere pass chavi hai tumhare ghar ki”
Main ghar ja key bed par girke rone lagi. Karib 20-25 min tak main roti rahi tab tak wo inspector ghar

khol ke andar aagaya.
Inspector : “aare abhi tak tumne aapni chut saaf nahi ki ja jaldi se ja aur nahadhoke chut ke bal nikal ke

aaja, tab tak 2 glass aur thandi paani ki bolt rakh de main thoda mood banalu”
Maine usey 2 glass aur paani ki bolt di aur kaha
ME : “ muje nahi pini sarab”
Inspector : “aare thums up to piyegi na, dekh le aaya hut ere liye”
Jab usne muje thums up ki bolt dikhne ke liye beg khola to maine dekha under 5-6 video camera hai,

aur usne kuch DVD nikal ke muje di
Inspector : “yea le DVD laga mast garam DVD hai maja aajayega”
Maine DVD lagake bath room main chali gayi aur aapne chut ke bal ko kaichi se katne lagi.
Kuch der main hi usne darwaje pe dastak di aur kaha
Inspector : “Sali mujse chudnewali hai toe saram kahe ko kar rahi hai, tuje nanga toe dekh chukka hu,

tere ball ko bhi daba chukka hu, andar se bandh mat rakh khol darwaja”
Maine darwaje ki sitkan kholdi.

Sale Harami ne darwaja khola aur samney khursi le ke baith gaya. Muje bahut saram aarahi thi.
Me: “Sahab pls darwaja band rahene do na muje sharam aati hai”
Inspector : “Tuje is liye sharam aarahi hai na kyu ki tu nangi hai aur maine kapade pahene hai, aaja

muje bhi nanga kar de”
Aur wo mere pass aaya
Inspector : “chal mere kapade tu nikal”
Muje kya karna kya nahi sujhi nahi raha tha. Usne mere right nipple ko aapni ungli se dabaya
Inspector : “chal jaldi kar”
Maine uski Shirt nikali. Fir pant. Abh wo sirf banyan aur kacche main tha.abh usne mera right boobs ko

jor se dabaya.
Inspector : “jaldi kar Sali tera yea badan dekh bardast nahi hota”
Maine uski banyan uteri. Chi itna mota har jagaha fat ke layers badi si thond bahut bhada lagraha tha.
Usne mere boobs ko chod ke muje mere balo(hair) se pakad liya aur muje dewar ki aur dahelta huwa

mujse chipak gaya aur mere hoto ko choosne laga.
Niche se underwear ke hote huve uska lund muje pe dabane laga.
Uske hote mere hoto ko choos rahe the, uske dono hath mere boobs daba rahey the aur niche se

aapna lund daba raha tha.
Achanak usne aapane ek hath se mere hath pakada aur uske lund ko pakada diya.
Inspector : “Jaldi se isko nikal aur choos”
Apane hath mere shoulders niche ki aur dabaye
Inspector : “baith jaa aur le le aah jail le”
Muje ghootno ke baal khada karke mere seer ko mere balo se pakad ke aapna lund mere muhu par

ghis ne laga.
Itni gandi badbu muje ulti aane lagi.
Usne muje jor se gal pe tamacha mara
Inspector : “Sali randi lund nikal, chaddi khol”
Maine uski underwear niche utar di
Baapre uska lund mere mard se dhed( 1 ½) guna lamba tha aur 2 guna mota aur itna kala.
Abh usne aapana lund ek hath se pakad ke mere hoto pe ragad ne laga.
Maine ulti jaise oop kiya
Inspector : “kya huwa kabhi tere mard ka lund nahi choosi ho ka”
Me: “ nahi sahib wo bat nahi hai par bahut badbo hogayi hai”
Inspector : “le to saf kar de”
Usne kuje uper se sabun diya
Main uske lund ko pani se saf kar ke sabun lagayee.
Inspector : “aaaaaahhh Sali tere hatho mein kya jadu hai”
Maine uska lund puri tahar se saf kar diya
Abh wo uska lund mere muhu main thosne laga
Maine usey choos ne lagi
Usne mere balo(hair) ki choti banake mere sar uske kaboo me kar liya
Wo ageyse uske lund ko mere muhu me pelne laga aur piche se mere sar ko
Doosrey hath se left boobs ko jor jor se masalne laga
Karib 15 min tak mere muhu ko pelne ke bad sala mere muhu me jhar gaya mere muhu uske virya se

bhar gaya
Usne muje viwas kiya ki main uska virya pura nigal javu jabh tak uska virya muhu main tha uske aapana

lund nahi nikala aur under pelta raha
Mere Muhu me jhar ne ke baad aapna lund nikal ke

Inspector : “kya maje se choosti hai Sali, Itna maja kisi bhi randi ne nahi diya”

Inspector : “Thik se tere jhat nikal fir teri chut pelunga”

Wo waha se chala gaya aur kuch time ke baad ek khoorsi aur table le ke bathroom ke samne baith

gaya aur muje mere chut ke bal(hair) saf karte dekhne laga

Usne aapna daru ka peg banake piney laga

Main scissor se bal(hair) ko kat rahi thi

Inspector : “arey aise nahi raani razor se purey saf kardo ekdam malai ki jaise teri chut ko ujagar kar do”

Inspector : “rukh main kar deta hu”

Inspector : “tere mard ka shaving kit kaha hai”

Maine usey Shaving kit diya

Usne usme se shaving cream le ke meri chut pe lagayee

Fir brush leke jhag banana laga

Inspector : “niche aapane pair(legs) khole ke lait(sleep) ja”

Maine niche jamin pe aapney pair(legs) faila ke lait gayi

Usney dhire dhire razor mere jhat pe fira ke usey saf karne laga

Inspector : “Sali randi jab tak maine tera kaam karta hu, tu mera lund choos”

Aur usne uska dhila naram lund mere muhu pe dabaya

Inspector : “randi choos, aapne muhu me le”

Bolte he usne mere boobs jor se dabaye.

Main uska naram lund chhos ne lagi.

Aur wo niche mere jhat ke bal(hair) shave karne laga

Usne fir meri chut ko pani se dhoya aur fir se shaving cream lagaya.

Abh wo meri chut pe ulta razor firane laga

Dhire dhire uska lund fir se tight ho gaya.

Abh usne meri chut ko ek dam clean kar diya tha mano ke jaise polish ki ho, bailkul bal(hair) nahi tha

ekdam chamak rahi thi

Inspector : “Kya chikani choot hai teri, Maja aajayega”
Inspector : “Chal jaldi jaldi bath le, mahekta badan aur bhi sexy lagegi”
Maine naha ne lagi to wo jake bath room ke bahar khursi pe baith ke daru piney laga.
Ek hath maine daru ka jam that aur dusrey hath se apane lund ko sahala ne laga.
Jab maine naha kar nikali.
Inspector : “Aiyee randi jara music chalu kar ke dil bahala na”
Maine music system chalu kiya.
Inspector : “arey nach na Sali, aapne yea bade bade ball ko hila ken ach na”
Main uske isharo pe nachne lagi.
Inspector : “koi arab wala music nahi hai”
Me: “nahi sahib”
Inspector : “Wo guru wala malika wala hi lagade”
Mainey Guru film ka 'Maiyya Maiyya’ wala gana lagaya
Inspector : “Rani abh malika ki tahara kamar hila hila ke arabwala dance kar”
Main arabwala yani belly Dance karne lagi.
Mere taan pe ek bhi chindhi nahi thi.
Kuch hi palo main wo bhi sath dance karne laga.
Dance karte karte usne muje daru pilaney ke liye glass mere muhu ko lagaya.
Me: “Main sarab nahi piti sahib”
Aur maine glass hathose baju kiya.
Usney fir se glass mere muhu par rakha.
Maine fir uussey muhu mod liya.
Itney main wo gana khatam ho gaya, usney music player bandh kar diya.
Inspector : “Sali tere ko main pyaar se bol raha hu piley to pina”
Me: “ Sahab main sarab nahi pitti”
Ussney wo daru ka glass pura ek sath gatak liya aur muje mere balo(hair) pakad ke chair aur table ke

pass le aaya.
Inspector : “Sali harmki randi prem ke layak nahi hai tu”
Ussney muje mere ghootno ke bal bitha diya aur khud chair pe baith gaya.
Daru ki puri bottle uthali aur mere balo(hair) ko pakad ke muhu par dabadi.
Maine aapne hoth bandh kar diye.
Inspector : “tu aise nahi manegi”
Khade hoke samney wali kurshi par baitha.
Abh meri back uske taraf thi.
Pichey se mere balo(hair) jor se keech ke mera sir aapni jangho ke bich daba liya.
Fir usney daru ek bada saa ghut liya.
Aur mere muju se aapna muhu lagake daru mere muhu me jabran dalne laga.
Par mere muhu bandh hone ki wajaha se niche girney laga.
Usney left hath sey mera left ball(breasts) pakad ke itni jor se dabane laga.
Fir bhi maine muhu nahi khola toe usne right hath se mere muhu ko dabaya.
Mera muhu khulgaya to usne wo daru mere muhu me thoosdi aur mera naak(nose) bandh kar ke aapne

lip ko mere lips se chipka ke rakhey
Muje majbooran pura uske muhu ka daru nigal na paada.
Usney mera naak(nose) to chod diya paar mere muhu daba ke rakha.
Aur doosra ghoot banake firse mujey nigal ne lagaya.
Fir tisra ayesa karte karte usney 8-9 ghoot muje pila diye.
Isbar usney bina daru keg hoot mere muhu me thook diya aur muje nigal ne ko kaha
Inspector : “maa ki chudi pura under le le varna teri aaisi halat karunga ki kabhi kisi se chudwa nahi

Maine uska thook bhi gatak liya.
Fir usney mujey ushi taraha se khoob daru pilayee.

Abh muje thoda nasha sa ho gaya tha.
Paar usne mere ball(breasts) itni jor se dabane laga ki dard ke marey nasha kaam ho gaya.
Inspector ko jaise daru ka nasha chadta jar aha thaw o utna beraham hote jaa raha tha.
Mere sarir ko istaraha masal raha tha ki mere ball(breasts) pe uski unglio ke nishan ban gaye they.
Fir usne muje aapni giraft se chod diya
Inspector : “chal Sali abh teri bajata hu”
Muje khada karke mere samne aagaya
Mere bal(hair) pakad ke muje study table ke paas dhakel ta gaya.
Jab piche diwar aagayee to mere bal(hair) ko kichte huve mere hoto pe aapne hout(lips) rakh ke itni jor

se kiss karne laga.
Aapni jeeb(toung) mere muhu me dal di
Abh ek hath mere right ball(breast) pe leja ke Mera ball(Breast) ko jor se dabane laga.
Niche se meri jhang pe aapna lund dabane laga.
Daru peeke itna vaishi hogaya tha.
Muje istahara noch ne laga ki muje daar lagne laga
Mere hoto ko chod abh mere galey(neck) pe aapni juban(toung) firane laga.
Mere pure face ko aapni juban(toung) se chatne laga.
Mere dono ball(breasts) jor se daba ke niche jook nipples ko juban se chat ne laga.
Right nipple ko muhu me bhar ke itne jor se choosa ki meri jaan nikal gayee.
Uske choosne se mark ho gaya.
Fir left nipple ko choosa.
Nipple chooste chooste ball(breasts) ko bhi itni joro se dabata tha.
Inspector : “Sali kya ball hai tere, ji karta hai kha javu maliyee hai tu Sali tere mard ne jab teri kavli chut

mein paheli bar lund dala honga kya maja aaya honga sale ko”
Itna bolke meri kamar ko dono hatho se pakad ke mujse jor se chipak gaya.
Uske hath kamar se hote huve meri pith pe aagaye muje aur aapni aur dabocha usne.
Fir dhirey dhirey meri gand ki taraf hath badne lage.
Mere bumps ko aapne hatho se dabane laga.
Bumps ko piche se agey ki aur dhakelta huva meri tango ke bich me aapna lund gissne laga.
Uska lund meri chut pe ragad raha tha, iss vajaha se muje bhi masti aane lagi.
Inspector : “aaaaahhh ohhhhhh teri gand kitni naram hai, kyat era mard kabhi gand nahi marta”
Muje daar lagna ki kahi meri gand to nahi marana chata hai. Aaj tak meri gand mari nahi hai.
Ek bar mere hubby ney try kiya tha par dard horaha tha toe maine unko age nahi badne diya.

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ashitosh ashitosh is offline
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ashitosh is a pillar of our communityashitosh is a pillar of our communityashitosh is a pillar of our communityashitosh is a pillar of our communityashitosh is a pillar of our communityashitosh is a pillar of our community
UL: 33.75 gb DL: 58.91 gb Ratio: 0.57
Inspector : “aaahhhh ohhhh randi bolna, gand marvai ho khabhi”
ME : “Nahi sahib”
Inspector : “fir toe aaj maja ayenga”
Abh muje pata chal gaya sala harami meri kawari gand marey bina manega nahi aur usey kuch kaha

nahi paaungi.
Fir maine Idia lagaya
ME : “ ohhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhh sahib aur mat tad pao pls jaldi se karo na”
Inspector : “jara khul ke bol na kya karna hai”
ME: “wohi jo aap karne waley ho pls bahot ji machal raha hai”
Maine jaan bujke meri gand bachane ke liye natak kar rahi thi aur thodi excited bhi thi.
Inspector : “Aise nahi khul ke bol kya karna hai muje”
Maine socha sale ko kuch bhi karke gand nahi marne dungi isliye sharam chod di.
Me: “Sahab aapka yea mere under daldo na bahut tadap rahi hai.”
Usne muje jor ka chata te huve kaha
Inspector : “ Sali lund aur chut bolne me kya teri maa chud jayeegi”
Me: “ ha ha sahib meri chut main aapka lund daldo bahut ji machal raha hai”
Inspector : “ha abh khili na, chal muje tera bhadva bol”
Me: “ kya sahib majak kar raheho main kaise aapko”
Inspector : “Arey bol na main bol rahahu nahi to fir se jahapad maruga”
Muje kya hai sala mote takle gaende ko bhadva to kya chinal ke ko itni gali dene ko ji karraha tha.
Me: “bhadve meri chut chod na abhi, bahut machal rahi hai, dekh kitni gilli kar di hai tume, aur mat tadpa

Inspector : “Chodta hu meri randi jara teri jawani ka raas to pilloo”
Itna kahe ke mujre Boobs ko fir se daba daba ke kiss kiya. Isbar bahut prem se kiya maja aane lagatha.
Fir niche baithte huve mere pet(stomach) pe kiss karte huve meri kamar pe kiss karne laga.
ME: “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh uuuummmmmm”
Muje bahut gudgulli honye lagi.
Fir aur niche jatey huve meri chut ke upper jaha jhat hote hai waha kiss karne laga.
Aur niche ki aur jate huve meri jhang pe aapnai juban firane laga.
Main sach much pagal hoye ja rahi thi.
Jabaran muje fira diya aur abh mein diwal ki aur muhu karke khadi thi.
Mere pichwade ko sahalane laga.
Muje laga abh gayee sala gand mar ke hi dum lega.
Par who toh meri jhang pe hi hote firata raha.
Dhirey dhirey mere bumps pe aaya.
Bumps pe aapne data gada raha tha par utne nahi ki dard ho par utne ki badan mein aag laga de.
Kabhi bumps ko kiss karta toh kabhi kaat leta.
Muje uski harkato se bahut maja aney lagne laga tha.
Aapne dono hatho se mere bumps ko dabata bhi tha.
Achanak mere bumps ko side mein karke meri gand ko kiss karne laga.
Chi kitna ganda admi.
Meri gand ko aapni juban se khuredne laga
Par uski juban gand tak barabar nahi pocha rahi thi.
Who waha se khada hogaya, jaise hi wo khada huva mere dil ki dhadkan aur tej hogayee, muje laga

gayee meri gand.
Piche se mera gala pakad ke muje baju wale mej(table) pe juka diya.
Jukne se meri gand aur chut dono uhagar ho gaye.
Abh usko meri gand bahut achi taraha se dikh rahi thi.
Ek hath se mere gale se pakad muje mej(table) pe daba rakha tha aur dusare hath se mere bumps pe

fira raha tha.
Meri left bump pe usne jor se chata mara.
Chate ki wajase bumps me vibration honye laga.
Inspector : “aaaha kya gand hai teri, kya hilti hai, kyat era mard tuje khabhi piche se chodta hai ki nahi”
ME: “Ha sahib usye piche se chut chodna bahut acha lagta hai, par gand nahi marta. Usye gand marna

bahot ganda lagta hai”
Inspector : “Haat chutia hai sala, makhan jai gand hai teri”
ME: “Nahi sahib badbu hoti hai usme”
Mein itna kaheti utney mein wo jukh gaya aur meri gand pe aapne hoat(LIPS) rakh keg and ko smooch

karne laga.
Muje bahut gudgulli honye lagi, kabhi kisine meri gand se aise nahi khela tha.
Aapne ghootno ke bal(kneel down) hoke aapani juban se meri gand khuredne laga.
Itna maja aaj se pahele khabhi nahi aaya tha.
Gand se khelte khelte meri chut pe aapni juban ko le gaya.
Aapni juban se meri puri chut chat ne laga jaise koi rabadi chat raha ho.
Ek hath se meri chut ko khla usne aur under chat ne laga.
Me: “uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmhhhhhmmmmmm aahhhhhhh”
Meri chut ke ek hoat(lips) ko muhu me bharke choosne laga.
Manoki mein satve aasman mein udh rashi hu.
Meri chut ka ek lips uske muhu se chat raha tha aur aapni ek ungali meri chut me dal ke andar bahar

kar raha tha.
Me: “oooooooooooohhhhhhhh sahabbbbb uuummmm hhmmmmm aaahhhhhh ooooooooyyy hhhhaaa”
Chut ka doosra lips muhu me le ke choosne laga aur 2 ungali chut mein dal ke under bahar karne laga.
Me: “ aaaahhhhhhhhh mmmmmaaiiiiii jhhhhaaaaaaarr jauungii plss aaaaaaaaahhhh ooooooohhhhhhh”
Yea sunke usne ungli ki rafter aur tej kardi.
Me: “ahhhhhhhh ooooooohhhhhh mmmmmmmmm oohh mmaa aaaaaaiiiiiii hhhhhhhaaaa mein jhar rahi

hu pls rokna maaat ohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmoooooooooooooaaaaaa hhhhhaa aaaaaaaaahhh”
Abh usne doore hath ki ungli meri chut mein dali aur chut mein thi wo ungali meri gand pe firane laga.
Chut wali ungli itni gilli ho gayee thi ki meri gand pe bhi chikanhat ho gayee.
Meri chut ke lips uske muhu mein uski left hand hi 2 ungali meri chut mein aur right hand ki 2 ungali meri

gand mein.
Mein pagal hoye ja rahi thi. Altaf ne bhi kabhi meri chut nahi chati thi na meri gand se khela tha aur yeh

toh meri chut ke lips choos raha tha meri gand mein ungali kar raha tha.
Ne: “ooooooooooooohhhhhhh sahabbbbb meinn tohhh gayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaahhhhhhhh

hhhhhhaaaahhhhhhhh ooooouuuuummmmmuuuuuccccciiiii aaaaaaaahhhhhhha mein jhar rahi hu

aaaahhhh oooooohhhhhhhhh oooooooommmmmmmmmmhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh”
Mein jhar gayee fir bhi wo jari tha.
Me: “sahib aaj tak muje itna such kabhi nahi mila, aapne toh muje zanat ki seher karva di.”
Inspector : “meri rani agey adey dekh kidhar kidhar ki seher karvata hu”
Inspector : “Meri rakhel baan ke rahe tuje khoob maje karvavuga”
Abh usne meri ungali karna chod diya.
Mein khadi ho gayee uske samne.
Inspector : “meri rani tera ho gaya abh mera karne ke liye teri maa ko bulavu”
Muje bahut boora laga.
Inspector : “abh mein tuje chodunga.”
Usne meri chut ko kapade se poch diya.
Inspector : “Ja isye paani se dhole achi tahara, under bhi”
Muje laga fir se chut chatega.
Mein jaa ke pani se dho di under bhi paani dala, ekdum clean kardi meri chut ko.
Inspector : “aapni tange khol jara dekh ne de barabar dhoyee hai yaa nahi”
Meine aapni tange khol di, aur usne bahar se chut ko dekh ek dum kori ho gayee thi
Muje smooch karte karte mere ball(breasts) ko dabate huvey muje desk ke paas le gaya.
Desk par muje sula ke meri tange khol meri chut dekh ne laga.
Uske lund chute ko touch karte hi ek current sa laga jayese koi garam loha rakha ho.
Uska lund ekdum garam tha aur paani se dhone ki wajaha se meri chut thodi thandi ho gayi thi.
Aapna lund meri chut pe ghis ne laga.
Meri chut mein uske lund ka seer( head of dick) dalke rub karne laga
Uske lund ko ek hath se rub kar raha tha aur doosra hath mere ball pe aake dabane laga
Fir ageye ki agye jukta huva mere lips ko choosne laga.
Abh dono hatho se mere seer ko pakad liya aur niche rub karna tej kar diya
Achanak usnye itni jor se uska lund meri chut mein pel diya ki ek shot mein pura ka pura under dal diya
Kyo ki meri chut sukhi thi na hi fooli hui thi.
Meri jaan nikal gayee meri ankh me paani aagaya.
Me: “ooooooohhhhhhhhh mmmmmaaaaaa marrrr gayeee aaaaaaahouuuuuuchhhhhhhhhh”
Usye meri parwa na karte huve jor jor se shot lagane laga.
Me: “ oh sahib pls nikal lo thodi gilli ho janey do yaa koi cream laga lo ooooooohhhh oooouuch ooh

Usne aur tej shot lagana shuru kar diya.
Inspector : “Sali randi main jab chodta hu to muje aurat ke rone se aur maja aata hai aur chiilla bahut

maja aaraha hai”
Mein samaj gayee ki mein jitna chilaungee utna aur tej shot marega is liye meine rona aur chilana bandh

kar diya.
To usne mere nipples pakad ke kheechne laga.
Mere ball(breasts) ko jor jor se marne laga.
Me: “ooooouuuuchhhhhh aaaahhhhh mmmmmmatt marooooo oooohhhhhh nahi mein marjavugi, pls

muje mat maro”
Abh usye fir se taan aagaya.
Meri ball ko dono hatho mein le ke iskadar dabame laga ki jayse koi nirjiv chij ko masalta ho.
Masal masal ke mere ball(breasts) ko lal kardiya tha.
Mein cheekh ti rahi wo shot marta gaya.
Dhirey dhirey muje bhi maja aney laga aur meri chut bhi gilli hone lagi abh dard nahi ho raha tha balki

maja aarahii thi.
Kuch der muje janawar ki tahara chod ne ke baad.
Aapna lund meri chut se nikala.
Muje khadi kar muje palat ke desk pe juka diya.
Abh meri gand ko ungali se khuredne laga muje abh yakeen ho gaya ki aaj meri gand chudne wali hai.
Mere dono bumps ko hath se spread kar ke meri gand ke cheed ko dekh ne laga.
Fir juk ke meri gand chatne laga.
Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh meri gand kisine paheli bar chati thi muje bahut gudgalli honye lagi
Meri gand pe bahot sara thook(spit) diya aur aapani ungali se uska thook(spit) meri gand me aandar

dalne laga
Uske thook(spit) se meri puri gand gilli ho gayee thi
Uske lund ka seer (head of dick) meri gand mein dal diya aur rub karne laga
Mere haath piche se pakaliye aur ek jor dart hap(shot) mein uska pura lund meri gand me dal diya
Meri gand phatte hi meri cheekh nikal gayee.
Me: “ ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nahiiiiiiiiii

Me: “oooohhhh margayeeeee ooooooh sahib nikal do aaaaaaaahhhhh”
Sala haram khor aur jor jor se meri gand marne laga aur mere hath piche ki aur se pakadke rakhne ki

vaje se mein kuch karbhi nahi paarahi thi
Mere hath chod sale ne mere bal(hair) pakad liye aur kheech ne laga
Mere bal(hair) keeiche jane se mere sar(head) upper ho gaya
Piche se meri gand ko jor jor se pelne laga aur mere bal(hair) ki choti bana kemuje piche ki aur kheech

ne laga
Doosrey hath se mere butts ko marney laga (spanking of butts)
Mere bumps ko mar mar ke lal kardiya.
Mein jitna cheek thi utna aur uttejit ho jata isliye meine soch saley ko jaldi jurwa(cum) du.
Mein aur jor se rone lagi aur chilane lagi.
Me: “ohhh sahib mar gayee ohh maa meri gand faat gayee ooooooooooohhhhhh nikalde sale bhadve

oooohhh ouchhhhhhhhhhh naaaaaaahiiiiiiii mar gayee aaaaaahouuuuuuuuchhhhhhh”
Meri gand mai sala pura lund under tak pelta aur fir pura bahar nikal ke under dalta jitni baar bahar se

andar jata tha meri jaan nikal jati thi.
Itnye jor jor se shot mar raha ki pura table hil raha tha.
Inspector : “oooohhh Sali mein jhar raha hu chilla aur chilla”
Ek hath se mera right ball(breast) jor jor se daba ne laga aur doosrey hath se mere bal(hair) kheech te

huve aapni speed badhadi.
Inspector : “aaaaaaahhhhhhh Sali randi tuj to mein meri randi bana ke rakhoonga pura pura din teri yea

makhan jaisi gand pelunga”
Inspector : “oooooooo aahhhhhhh le Sali mera pura lund le teri gand mein”
Kareeb 10-15 min pael ne ke baad
Inspector : “aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooohhhhhhhhh mein jhar raha hu auuuuuuauuuuuuuu kya

tight gand hai teri ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh”
Wo jhad gaya aur meri puri gaand ko aapne virya se bhar di.
Jaise hi usne lund nikala to meine dekha uske lund par mera khoon laga tha.
Mein uthne lagi to meri gand bahoot dard karne lagyee
Mujse chalne nahi ho raha tha.
Usnye sahara de kar muje bithaya jaisye mein baithi to aur dard karne lagi.
Usnye muje saar ke bal sojane ko kaha.
Sar ke bal nangi hi mein jameen par let gayee fir bhi dard kaam hone ka naam nahi le raha tha
Inspector : “niche jameen pe mat so upper table pe aaja”
Fir usnye muje table pe litaya saar ke bal
Mera saar table ke bahar tha
Usnye Altaf ke pass jo powder mila tha wo powder thoda ek foil pe dala aur aapne naak pe rumal rakh

mere niche lighter se jalane laga muje me kya kar raha hai poochne ki sakti nahi thi.
Uus powder ka dhoowa mere naak me janye laga
Pura powder khatam ho gaya to usne aapne naak se rumal hata liya
Inspector : “abh kuch hi dair mein thik ho jayega.”
Muje nasha sa cha ne laga.
Meine usye kisi ko phone karte dekh.
Inspector : “yaar ek mast maal faasa hai chakna hai to bol”
Inspector : “kamse kam 1 petti lunga”
Inspector : “nahi tum agar 2 ho toh aur lagega.”
Inspector : “2 no ke 2 hote hai par tujse 1.5 hi lunga”
Inspector : “nahi nahi 1 mein nahi”
Inspector : “chal think hai 1.5 me film ke sath par mein bhi sath me rahunga”
Inspector : “camera tu le ke aana”
Inspector : “nahi abhi toh chidiya soyee hai”
Inspector : “thik hai ½ ghante mein aaja”
Mure dimag mein yea baat gayee par kuch sochne ki shakti mein kho baithi ti.
Usnye muje uthaya aur bathroom me lejake muje fir se nehla diya
Meri gaand me pipe dal ke saaf kiya
Aur muje bistar pe lita diya

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ashitosh is a pillar of our communityashitosh is a pillar of our communityashitosh is a pillar of our communityashitosh is a pillar of our communityashitosh is a pillar of our communityashitosh is a pillar of our community
UL: 33.75 gb DL: 58.91 gb Ratio: 0.57
now continue..........

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ashitosh ashitosh is offline
Lord Falkland
Join Date: 21st November 2006
Posts: 1,925
Rep Power: 29 Points: 1224
ashitosh is a pillar of our communityashitosh is a pillar of our communityashitosh is a pillar of our communityashitosh is a pillar of our communityashitosh is a pillar of our communityashitosh is a pillar of our community
UL: 33.75 gb DL: 58.91 gb Ratio: 0.57
fir wo mere mummey ke sath khelne laga.
chut pe bhi ungali firane laga.
ek to wo powder ka nasha aur uspe chut mein khoojali ka nasha.
mein itni choodakad bangayi thi ki usko meri chut marne samne se kahene lagi.
muje bus abh kisi bhi kimat par lund chahiye tha.
abh wo meri nipples ko apani ungali aur thumb se ragad raha tha aur meri chut ko chat ne laga.
aaaaaahhhhhhh mein satve asman mein thi.
mein itni garam ho gayi thi ki uska lund pakad ke choos ne lagi khada karne ko.
dhire dhire uska lund fir se tight hone laga.
meine choos choos ke uske lund ko ek dum kadak kar diya
meri dono tango ko utha ke meri chut mein lund joro se pelne laga
aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh bahut maja aaraha tha wo lagatar lambe lambe shot marne laga.
meri chut ka resha resha dhila kardiya usne
mere 2 baar jhadne ke baad usne muje palat diya aur abh meri gaand me lund pelne laga
iss baar dard kam huwa.
10 min gand pelne ke baad wo bhi jhad gaya.
kuch der mere pe soney ke baad usne muje fir se aapne ko saaf karlene ko kaha
mein bathroom mein aapne badan ko paani se saaf kiya to wo bhi udhar aa gaya aur bola ki usko bi saaf kar du.
meine uske lund ko saboon se saaf kiya.
utne me mere ghar ki door bell baji.
usney ek towel ki lungi lapet li khud darwaza khol ne gaya, uske dost the.
Inspector : "laye ho jo saman kaha tha"
Dost No1: " ha ha tu fikar mat kar chidiya kaha hai jaldi dikha ji machal raha hai"

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hellboy_82 has many secret admirershellboy_82 has many secret admirers
dear give a big update, u update after mnths and u have to give 6 mnth update, ur story makes my ear red, and heart sink but dont think and just do,

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