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Old 7th October 2012
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Woman goes topless at Surajkund tattoo meet

Hindustan Times – Sat 6 Oct, 2012

A large number of guests and participants at a private conference at hotel Rajhans of Haryana tourism department at Surujkund, Faridabad, were in for embarrassment when a British woman went topless during an international tattoo conference on Friday.
Confirming the incident, financial commissioner, Haryana tourism, Vijai Vardhan, said that the hotel's general manager Rajeev Sabharwal was suspended with immediate effect and the matter was being further looked into by the authorities as well as the police.
The second international tattoo conference was organised by M/S Line Art Tattoo at the convention centre of the said hotel, which was attended by about 300 participants and guests from different parts of the world.
Though various tattoos artistes made and exhibited tattoos on the participants, one of the participants, a British woman, aged at about 30, took off her clothes while dancing on the stage.
The incident happened when some of the participants appeared on stage to show the tattoos applied on them. The British woman too appeared on stage, and removed her T-shirt before anyone could sense it.
Soon enough, some members of the audience started clicking photos after which the organizers asked her get down from the stage.
The conference was stopped by the authorities and the police was informed which is looking into the angle of obscenity in the same.
When contacted, Sabharwal said that he regretted the incident that put the department in poor light, though, the incident was beyond anyone's control.
"Not only me or any other hotel official, even the organizers did not know about any such feature in the event nor anyone of us had anticipated anything like that'', he said adding that it could be a normal act on the part of the British national, though was objectionable for others.

censored video link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nF2g0VOiAqk

source http://in.news.yahoo.com/woman-goes-...183000760.html
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Old 7th October 2012
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Inside the dogdar house - da Cat-fight saga continues,.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


^^ Yo Doaaaagdar,.. what name you said,..... i mean or yr good-name ( my foot ) Hello sir,.... Yaaah,. Dr. Ram,.....Dr, KashiRam ( kitne log ko kashi ki jatra pe sidhaar chooke,.. aab tak 56 ? )... Let me tell ya,........ you are also the part and parcel of the very same crook n' cunning family,... Yess,.... don' fggt,..


- BELIEVE IT OR LEAVE IT, CHOICE IS YRS, IT' SNOT GONNA MAKE ANY freaking DIFFERENCE TO ME,... be it known and know it very clearly, ya pigg arse!

Totally agree the current medical bodies have become a joke more so after their reaction to SJ's episode and asking AK for an apology.

But then it doesnt take away the fact that we need a stricter body which can be an efficient watchdog and bring the culprits of malpractices to justice. We need reforms and an independent body free of any influences with a fairly trasparent selection procedure. Though many high profile honest doctors are part of both IMA and IMC like Dr Shetty but still corruption and other negligence is rampant. I feel we need reforms on the consititution of such bodies to send a strong message.
Shessh great whats with our country and strikes , I thought our constitution states that doctors be barred from conducting strikes as it affects the healthcare services.

Agree we dont need more paper work or another bureaucratic body but we need an overhaul of the governing body of medical practices in India be it IMA or IMC. Especially if they have the power to suspend a doctor from practicing if he is found guilty.All I want to see is these bodies being run by honest and dedicated doctors who can monitor and actually do the job properly.Right now no doctor is scared of them and carry out their malpractices without any fear coz of corruption at these bodies, this is y i want to see constitutional changes initiated by govt in these bodies.

while I am fully sympathetic to this idiocy of reservation for the vote bank and I wish one day I will see this abolished in our country (I know if hundreds of deaths could not abolish it.. I am only day dreaming.. nothing is more important to our corrput leaders than vote bank)!!

We have back to work legislation that controls strike. Else even in western countries strikes are there.

my score was high enough to get me in if less seats were reserved. that is what i am implying.
i also did consistently well in med school
please go onto www.muhsnashik.com and check the UG final year rank list for the year 2011.
my name is in the top 10 in the state.
my point is that inspite of doing so well in my 10th 12th and medical college.. i am still finding it hard to cope up with the pressure and the limited number of seats.

However.. not getting through a government medical college - you can not blame it to reservation only!! You have to just admit that you were not good enough or simply did not try hard enough!! There are lakhs of general candidate students get admission every year and it is not that difficult to mug up Biology!!

I for one am not so sure of the role of MCI and IMA in bringing about a level-playing field.

MCI as we've seen has become a hotbed of corruption and has allowed fake medical colleges to emerge in every by-lane. Today even a pan-wallah can open a medical college all thanks to MCI. This aspect of corruption was even highlighted on the show. The two independent heads of the institution admitting that they failed to curb the rampant corruption and therefore preferred to resign.

The IMA is even worse. It operates like a private club with all members seeking to cover each other rather than fight the rot in their system. It is these members who've happened private hospitals and nursing homes with inadequate facilities. It is these doctors who use their unsuspecting patients as guinea pigs, giving them untested medicines and use them as research lab rats.

When we have good honest doctors, they have thrived without the support or need of these two institutions. A good doctor doesn't need these paraphernalia. He'll go out and do what is best for the patient, not what would help him buy his next set of golf-clubs.

How many bodies to check corruption can we set. If each body is overseeing the other and there are yet more watchdog bodies, we might finally achieve the impossible - Have two clerks per head monitoring the actions of every medical student who passes out.

If you go the website of IMA - the first page is by that body calling for a strike by all doctors against the attempt by parliament to set up just such a watchdog organization


Can I blame my favorite whipping post for the strikes - please? I believe Gandhi is responsible for all these strikes. In no other part of the world would you hear of bandhs and strikes as in India.

It was Gandhi who first taught India the power of strikes and hartals and look what's happening today - every second person is on a stop work hartal.

You stop a man from from peeing on the road, next thing - hartal.

You stop someone from driving on the wrong side, that's it - strike.

You stopped a student from cheating in the exams, good watch now - bandh.


The latest issue of The Economist (US edition, June 2-8) carried a 3 page article on The Future of Medicine and covered Dr Shetty (our star from last week's episode) and some other initiatives that bring down the cost of medical care and the smart use of medical docs and para medical caregivers who are non-docs but can provide much support with little training.

World over, as many countries age, there is a great paucity of doctors to provide care and poorer countries lose their well- trained docs to richer ones.

Interesting article. http://www.economist.com/node/21556227


while a family member of min was watching the show I happened to catch last 15 minutes of the show where they were bashing the branded drugs.
Oh My God how unintelligibly spoken. Even if some of it was true the way it was presented was not the whole truth.

The doctor said that the difference between Generic drugs and Branded drugs is incomparable. yes it is very true but did they make an effort to explain why?
The branded drug companies are the ones who actually do the research and bare the full cost of getting it to the people which also includes FDA approvals. Any clinical trial could cost millions of dollars. sometimes they succeed and more often than not they fail due something lacking according to FDA. I do not know if it is ok for branded drugs to charge a whole lot more or not but there is a very good reason why. This reason is very similar to how most of you have defended Aamir Khan saying that he needs to cover the cost and the time he is spending. The logic is the same for pharma companies. They need to cover the cost and save up enough to do more research. A lot of pharma companies also have foundations where they make these drugs available to poor people if they are eligible.

Bottom line is that if nobody is running charity and if Aamir's money is justified then why not the pharma companies who are so dedicated to find cure.

Generic companies are able to give a lower price because they only copy the formula and manufacture it. they ave zero research cost so obviously they will be able to sell it for cheaper. It is not to say that their profits could be much more than the pharma who launched the drug.

The analogy of Ramu ki bhains was totally ridiculous. There could be genuine differences between milk of Ramu ki bhains and any other bhains as Ramy may be feeding the bhains better stuff and other bhains could be fed differently and be on growth hormones dangerous for consumers.

I agree that everyone deserves access to drugs and nobody should ever die due to the lack of it but is bashing pharma companies the solution for it? By doing so are we not unappreciative of the efforts they are making the life saving drugs.

I am reading other threads and see that the show is on its decline anyway.
For me that fifteen minutes confirmed that mu decision of avoiding the show was right.

Companies patent anything they discover and only they have the right to produce and sell the drug they invented. When the patent expires, the other manufacturers can also produce same drug. Before the patent expires only that original brand name makes all the profit so they get the advantage for inventing the drug and all the expenditure. So the generic drugs are made only after main company have already made profit during the patent period.

another hidden cost is the crores spent on "marketing the drugs to docs and offering them "gifts" and bonuses. This sick american tradition has taken root in india and has destroyed the entire medical system of sincere committed medical professionals.

Very true, this whole system of commissions is at every level, not only for drug but also recommending a specialist, lab tests etc. Poor people end up not getting any treatment as all these malpractices make the cost of services out of their reach. This aspect was discussed in episode 4. I mean the bonuses to docs by drug companies was discussed not the influence of US tradition, that is whole new topic. I am not sure about drugs but i know US bans some chemical (e.g. pesticides) sales in US but dont ban the production of those chemicals so the companies can still produce and sell those banned chemicals in foreign countries
Seriously if they know that something is dangerous to people then why not ban the production of that stuff. Maybe they consider all non-americans are another species!! perhaps more resistent to toxic chemicals than americans!

I didn't like this episode at all, because it focused on just one aspect of drugs. Pharma companies spend years on research & development and need to recover the expense before the patent expires. The guy who came on the show made it seem as if brands are doing something bad by pricing their drugs higher when generics are available. Who knows how reliable the generics are? If a doctor has been prescribing a branded drug for years when the patent is in effect, obviously the doctor will continue to prescribe it rather than test something new without knowing whether it would have the same impact.

As for marketing, every single thing is marketed. Companies spend a lot of money on marketing every single product. Pharma companies have to spend on marketing to increase awareness about the drug and "disease". They have to give samples. They have to educate people.

When Viagra was launched, there was a call center dedicated to questions from men since it was a "taboo" discussion. The toll-free number was promoted in TV advertising.

In every ad, pharma companies have to include side effects and other information by law. Branded vs. generic drugs discussion has to be explored and researched thoroughly before jumping to conclusions and presenting it as "bad" on national TV in a 15-20 mins segment.

I was reading research about psychiatrists in the US, they are the most "pampered" segment of the doctors population since they are taken on trips by pharma companies. This causes them to over-prescribe, and in some situations they prescribe to teenagers and heavy drugs may have the opposite effect.

All of this needs to be its own episode. The last person who - the Belgium guy - was a colorful character, he came there more to add color and entertain rather than speak facts. Healthcare system in the US is very very poor, Europe's culture of providing freebies to its people is the cause of its debts, the Belgium guy was mis-informed. I was disappointed with the half-truths this episode touched upon. Aamir should have stuck with unnecessary surgeries and made generics vs. brand a separate well-researched episode.

Good thinking. I work for a fortune 500 Pharma company. My company makes and sells both branded and generic (mostly our own brand) drugs. I am working at the manufacturing site in QA. I have seen the entire life cycle of a drug and how much it takes and costs. While the big pharma, spends on the drug from innovation to market, the generic only has to get the patent once it expires and make the drug. The biggest hurdle is clinical trials and FDA approval. The time and money spent here is enormous. Added to this is the patent life, FDA only allows 8 to 10 years on a patent. The big Pharma has to cover their costs and make the most profit during this period.

Said that, another thing is like not all generic medicines are replacable. my husband and I take both brand and generic meds. I was on Glucophae, my chemist switched me to Metphormine per the insurance policies. I had serious issues due to this switch, my stomach bloated, I had hyper acidity and other side effects, also my sugar was not controlled as well. My doctor had to switch me back to brand name.
The biggest beneficiary here is the insurance companies. They are the ones who benefits the most. In the US the Healthcare Insurance companies have standing instructions to the chemists on all drugs, they must dispense the availble generic for any brand name prescribed unless instructed by the doctor to use brand only. And most doctors are not happy prescribing brand names as they have to justify the brand which means extra paper work. We have to fight with our pahrmacy each time we order the prescription. Although you pay almost the same co-pay for the brand or generic medicine. Its not so easy to remain on brand name.

I do not disagree that for those who cannot afford brand, a generic substitute should be available. But that depends upon the doctor who is well aware of all the options. At the same time brands should be available for those who are not happy with the generic. The top mot company making highest dollar value in the US is currently a generic - Teva. So to say that genrics are acheap and the company do not make as much money is not true. FDA is much more lax on generics compared to big pharma. Some of the smaller generic companies do not even have written procedures for their products, FDA willnot raid them unless a serious complaint is lodged as the big money is with big Pharma. The price paid for maintaining the licence is very steep. Every tow years FDA is at your door step. Every little offense per FDA ( you may be doing the best pr the available regulatory requirements) costs millions of dollars.
All or most Big Pharma companies contributes to the WHO programs, they provide free or minimum fare meds to the countries and communities that cannot afford medicines at their market price. If you go to the official site of any company all these information is right there and most doctors are aware of such information.

I do agree that big companies do get greedy and want to keep the biggest of market share and will try to do their best to monopolise the market. What the NGos and other such groups need to do is to find the right resouces and make sure to make good of all the programs offered.

Lastly I would not blast Aamir for anything as he is trying to bring out issues and making the people aware of the ills of our society. I would salute him for what he is doing, more strength to him and his like.

well said and thanks for sharing your experiences in US. I hope someone shares their first hand experience in India too.

I personally have suffered from somewhat similar situation. I was recommended a pill and at pharmacy was given generic. The active ingredient is same but inactive ingradients or fillers, something was different so it dint suit me.

But i think the emphasis in SMJ was to at least meet very basic medical needs for common ailments for poor people. At least people shouldnt die because of easily curable ailments. No doubt they gave examples of some costly medicines for cancer etc too but i think overall goal of that small section on drugs during this episode was to highlight that even after so many years of independence large proportion of population do not have access to affordable medicine for common health problems and making generic drugs available these people can really make a big difference.

I think we should keep giving feedback along with supporting the current efforts (like you did dharad, i liked your concluding remark)
Who knows SMJ is just starting point and will open door to all kind of detailed discussions on different small aspects of each episode.

i am hoping after learning that people do want to listen to them and people are watching the show and interested in even more in depth discussion on various issues mentioned, they might plan to go into details of various aspects of each episode in future.


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Old 7th October 2012
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We also need to consider that they are addressing a wide range of audience with those who dont even know what generic means on one end and people like us on the other end who are interested in well researched, detailed discussion of each aspect of the main topic.

As i have said before, i think the main goal for that small section on drugs in this episode was that by making generic medicine available, we can at least make sure that poor people wont die because of inability to buy medicine for even very common ailments. So great first step at least

I don't get why we are having such a big discussion about the drugs. I don't find anything wrong with Generic drugs, and it is true that for the common man in India, branded drugs are very costly. And for the point made above, FDA DOES research the generic drugs, all the procedures are to be followed whether the drug is branded or not. Also, I know for a fact that companies spend millions on marketing and packaging the product while the product itself costs much less. Now, blaming those companies for having good packaging and marketing is not wrong, but having bribing the doctors is wrong. Also, the generic drugs were mentioned as a solution for a common man who wants the basic medicine. If the other people, with money, want to stick to the branded...then no one is stopping them. I felt that its good that the team went into drugs, because that's also a big part.

In America there are strict spending rules for the sales reps. Pharma companies are required to provide the aggregate spend for any physician. They are not allowed to bribe the physicians and there is a max (varies by states) on how much money can be spent on a physician by any salesroom from that company. There are more acts s(sunshine act etc) solidifying this more. No sales rep are allowed to discuss any off label usage of the drug and the on label usage is published by FDA.

In a nutshell yes sales reps are commission based and have an interest in selling their drugs but the doctors have no insinuative for being biased. Consequences in US are very serious if any physician, sales rep or pharma company can be proved of giving or taking bribes.

I am in US for 20 years but would like to hear experiences in India around this.

Firstly the issue discussed in the show was about medical malpractices in India. How doctors make patients go in for tests even if they are not required, conduct operations even without getting consent, prescribe expensive medicines etc. Generic medicines were taken up in relation to provision of affordable healthcare to poor people.
I am amused how some people are judging the Satyamev Jayate episode or questioning its ''research'' by comparing things to the US! Satyamev Jayate is about India, Indians and things happening in India - both urban and rural areas! One can't start blasting away the show based on just 15 minutes of what he/she saw or judging its ''facts'' through lens of what happens in USA - without any knowledge on what's happening in India!
My own father is a senior medical officer in state government run hospital. And I have relatives in my mother's family who're working in some of the best hospitals of their respective cities. Whatever that was shown in this week's episode of medical malpractices in India was cent per cent true!
Maybe pharma companies in India do ''research'' but their scams and scandals are legendary! These companies not only give heavy bribes to doctors but also sponsor international holidays to influence them into prescribing their medicines. Drug trials are conducted on unsuspecting patients, without taking their consent. Pharma companies also influence Drug Controller General of India to approve medicines WITHOUT any clinical trials! Many times, some of the most reputed pharma companies DO NOT even pay compensation to families of those who die due to their drug trials.
The scam by Indian companies is fresh - http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-05-10/india/31654810_1_drug-companies-cdsco-drug-expert
Companies writing scientific recommendations of their own products and getting them signed by top doctors for quicker approvals!
Whole books have been written - by doctors themselves on medical malpractices in India and nexus between doctors and pharma companies - which keeps patients, especially poor ones at utter disadvantage.
The issue of generic and branded drugs is debatable. But it should be debated in CONTEXT OF INDIA and not US.

one thing that was missed is that the FDA requirements for approving a generic drug is way different than a branded drug...it is much for simpler. Also the fact that there is very little evaluation goes on in terms of clinical trial/safety for generic drugs with different formulation compared to its branded counterpart.
I haven't watched the episode yet, but this topic is very close to my heart, as i work in the Pharma sector myself and have been involved in different ways with this debate...

am not sure about drugs but i know US bans some chemical (e.g. pesticides) sales in US but dont ban the production of those chemicals so the companies can still produce and sell those banned chemicals in foreign countries/quote
Interesting point...and true FDA can ban a product in USA, but how can it ban that product being used in other countries...it doesn't have jurisdiction nor will the government allow or should allow a foreign body to dictate it healthcare terms...I mean the company can sell anything within its limits..what is needed in India (and this is serious issue is an office that controls healthcare in India - and believe me even USA wants it to happen, what with FDA's requirement of larger clinical trials encompassing different populations)…a regulated healthcare environment is much needed in China and India…
I was reading research about psychiatrists in the US, they are the most "pampered" segment of the doctors population since they are taken on trips by pharma companies. This causes them to over-prescribe, and in some situations they prescribe to teenagers and heavy drugs may have the opposite effect.

I have been trying to quote but haven't been able to, can anyone say how to do directly without copying in a word first.
Anyway regarding this section,...this is charging fast..true this was popular before where drug companies could pamper docs..not anymore..ever penny these days paid to a doc is being accounted for and is evaluated internally within a company..because FDA is coming down hard on drug companies these days..

if we see the episode carefully the voice over in the clip said "for common medicines"...never once they said "the new and upcoming drugs..." i think these generic medicines are a good option for those who loose their loved ones because they just can't afford the very general medicines for fever, cough, cold etc...and by the way it's a fact..in INDIA people do die due to lack of access to the most common drugs...

I guess healthcare industry is scary anywhere in the world and we are mostly in the mercy of the doctors.
I wish the show tried to suggest viewers on what to do when these situations arise. I would have loved to know if there are any helplines if people can report these scams etc.

US is very insurance based so insurance companies try to control some of this as well. For example no one can opt for a c-section for child birth. C-Sections have to be justified and there are strict guidelines like 10 days over due date, first child was born with c-section etc.I am not sure if this kind of regulation works for all situations but surely helps for some.

My story is of doctors in US. I had severe digestive issue and the doctors kept giving me maintenance medicine and not for healing. I changed the doctor and he just increased the dosage. I couldn't bear the pain and all other symptoms and came back to India. Initially I didn't find a good doctor then by some miracle a doctor at apollo studied my case properly and prescribed me the correct medicine. With just the first pill I started feeling better. The same medicine is also used in US. But its again the commission thing also over there that they prescribe some medicines over other.

So in short due to the commission given by pharma's to the doctors, they prescribe a medicine which is less effective over a really good one which can save a patients life.

Paying commission to doctors should be made a crime as it is a bribery.

So this is a worldwide thing and not only in India. It is said that Finding a good dentist in US is a blessing :-)

I'm sure all of us have at some point or other changed our regular doctors. This is a fun thread where we can all share the reason that made us change our doctor/s. I'll start the ball rolling on the first anecdote.

I am very critical of doctors who treat me and have been so since my teens. My first rejection of a doctor came when I realized that he was giving the same medication to all patients irrespective of their ailment - be it an upset stomach, fever, cold or whatever.

He would handover a set of pills to be taken thrice a day - a blue pill, a small white pill, a pink one and a yellow one. No names on the pills, nothing. They were all packed in these small paper envelops that could hold 5 pills max and we had to take as many envelops as the doses recommended by the doctor.

Then while sitting in his waiting room I heard him tell someone that he had taken 8 years to complete his MBBS. I was 12 then, to this day I haven't stepped in his clinic.

have other stories, but would like to hear from you all about your experiences.

Funnily enough my doctor does the same but I know whenever he does that it's a placebo for people who simply cannot comprehend that antibiotics do not work for viruses. Doesn't matter how literate the patient is they all want are pills for viral stuff that will go away on its own.

And I think I trust him more because he works in a very common locality in a small little place. All kinds of people from all paths of life go to him so his knowledge his far more than those doctors who will never have the experience. (Like literally he gets people in Mercedes and on foot)

I had a weird infection that I went to another doctor for and she flat out said I would need surgery for it. I freaked out and went to him for a second opinion and he laughed and told me he would fix me in three days flat. That is exactly what happened with only outer application of a cream. Whew!

We have a very famous doc in our colony...when I was in school...my dad had some health issues...since he was one of the most renound doc of our city my parents went to him.
He prescribed large number of tests for my dad and really scared my parents.
When my parents went to the pathalogy lab...the lab guy asked where is the patient...my mom poited out at my dad...
He asked how did u come here...,my dad answered..I drove.
The lab guy started laughing he said if u had these condition U would have come on a stretcher not drove here.
My parents went to another don for a 2nd openion and it turned my dad just had minor prob which needed some antibiotics.We never went to tht famous doc again...

hmm... except to a dentist, I haven't been to a doc much... so don't really have a family doc or regular doc, but v do have a regular clinic...


though 3 yrs back on our trip to india...after a complete test package my parents had got done in a hospital near our home... my mother's report diagnosed appendicitis... v consulted a doc... were suggested an operation to b done... an appendix operation normally takes 2-3 hrs... my mom was in the OT for 7-8 hrs... with the docs giving us no details whatsoever... after that when they brought her out she was unconscious for another 7-8hrs and they told us it's pretty normal... when she regained her consciousness the doctor admitted he had got scared and now all is well...
then in the morning a nurse got a tray full of medicines, injections, oxygen mask n stuff saying it's all ours n covered in the bill v had already payed... she literally stuffed the lil bedside draw fully! then in the night mom was woken up by a sound of the draw being closed n she saw a ward-boy rush out of the room... she didn't have the strength to do anything at that moment... then in the morning v noticed half the draw empty!! when mentioned to the doc instead of saying he will look into the matter he just dismissed it casually and when mentioned to the nurse she was like what r u saying ma'am I bought only this much stuff... anyhow v didn't do much abt that as v were like what use wud have all that stuff been to us anyway?! so v let go of it...


then after about 2 weeks, I had this abdominal pain... and v went to the same hosp. n the receptionist got me an appointment for a gynac... I was told to get an abdominal sonography done and seeing the reports (by that time the pain was no more) she said I have stones in my ovaries and if an operation is not done ASAP it will harm the ovaries which will result in me losing the ability to conceive... being 21 (that time) n unmarried, one can imagine the stress that info had on my mother...

me being in a relationship discussed the matter with my guy and v both were fine with no kids part... so I told my mom I really don't want to go under the knife... n it's okay... but mom being mom and her worries... my dad suggested v get a second opinion...

at the other gynac's... the same test was carried out, all she did was prescribe birth-control pills for a month... explaining the pills destroy the egg in the ovary hence avoiding pregnancy and will work in a similar manner to destroy the tiny stones... and no the case wasn't that severe at all!!

v again let the matter with the previous hospital slip... as all was well and v didn't have the time.


back home in dubai... a year later, time for the tests to b carried out again... v were SHOCKED with my mothers report... her appendix was pretty much happily comfortably still in her body and her gall bladder was missing!!

v showed the indian reports to a doc and he was pretty amazed... though he was 100% sure with his reports, just for us he had the test done again free of cost and the same results came...

that ^%{{%*+} doc in india had removed the gall bladder instead of the appendix!! how irresponsible is that??!!

anyway the doc in dubai said it's nothing to worry about... with my mother's age... the missing gall bladder isn't really a problem and no problem with the appendix too...

and with the same now that all is well attitude my dad was like let it go... mom is fine so no worries... even if v thought what about other people, my dad was like our life is here in dubai, v can't afford the time it will take in india if v complain.

n v let it slip once again...


my God feel really sorry for your Mum, this is like something out of a horror movie or something. I can understand why you didn't take action against that hospital. The sheer logistics and red tape would've been mind boggling. However, I do think you should let your relatives and neighbors know what kind of hospital that is so that people stop patronizing it.

One word of caution for all women. A really good gynecologist will never suggest any kind of surgery on an unmarried woman. The moment your gynaec suggests something like this tell her that you need to consult your "absent family member" it could be any reason whatsoever and immediately take a second opinion.


GENERIC drug is medical PIRACY. How come Aamir Khan doesn't know that?

Generic drug is when a company copies some other company's invested and researched formula, quickly and cheaply into producing and sustaining a business along the cheaper lines of patent infringement. They are second-handers.
These Companies sure bring down the cost to the patient, and frankly speaking that's all we should really care about, as a nation of poor people, that effective medicines come to us cheaply, especially life-saving ones.
But these companies have done absolutely nothing to research the drug! They milk money based on some other company's years of research work, initiative, stress, vision and serendipitous output.
They just have to dodge patents, copy the formula, mass produce and sell. They can sell at any rate. After recovering their manufacturing price, the rest is only profit to them. Whereas the cost to the company researching these drugs is 5000 crores!
And now they get praise for copying, infringing somebody else's hard work and investments.
Then piracy of all kinds should also be encouraged. Even of films.
Why is the audience buying a ticket of 300 rupees for a 50 crore film? Why not just encourage the piracy industry and pay 20 bucks for a good quality copy of the same film?
Because films are not essential. Not life-changing. They don't kill? But medicines are.
Then the government should step in. The health budgets should be raised. Why discourage companies who are spending years and years into researching for effective cure for various ailments?
The pharma companies should stop thinking of profiteering. They should, by all means, charge a cover expense for all the heavy years of research done, but that should be reasonable to recover their investments. The government should step up and buy those researched drugs from the proper channel (i.e. the patented drug). If the government has so much time and patience for scams, surely they have time to think of poor patients.
Let's list the scams, it gives me an idea there is a lot of money going around. Time it works for the needy.
2G Spectrum - 1.76 lack crore
Commonwealth Games Scam - 35000 crore
Telgi Scam - 20000 crore
Satyam Scam - 14000 crore
Bofors - 16 million received in bribe
Chara Ghotala - 900 crores
Hawala - 18 million bribery

The pharma industry is fighting generics, just like the film industry fighting piracy.
If originality and innovation-investments must be protected, if innovators must be protected for films, for music, for literature, for design then should it not be protected for drug innovators who study formulaic drugs for years and years in their labs before bringing it out into the market, for it to just be cheaply copied into generics?
Generic companies who quickly copy drug formulas and profit from them are now, post Satyamev Jayate, the declared new saints of medicine!

Piracy, Jindabaad!

All the points you have made are really valid. I am very close to the pharma research companies and understand the full process.

I have been part of launch of some big Oncology drugs and the patient response was overwhelming. They are all so thankful to Pharma companies. You cannot put a price tag on life saving drugs that work.

The film analogy is great. If we say that it is legal to copy the films and make it available for cheaper how will Aamir feel? One crow (Aamir part of the film industry) is calling the other crow (reserach/branded Pharma) black. By no means I mean that research Pharma companies are crow. They are into noble business. The dedication they have to find new drugs is amazing. You can not put a price tag on that.

Power to the pharma companies for making our life easier.
i dint say that US can ban production and sale in other countries, i meant that if they ban sale of something in US then they should also ban its production in US but they dont. they just ban the sale and the companies can still produce that chemical in US and sell it in other countries.

i just want to say ... they miss a point that is quality of the drug mostly there branded drugs are better in quality and result
its similar that you buy a branded or you go for a local product ...

A very important and interesting point abt generic and branded medicines is will any doctor go for generic or branded 1 thats really simple coz nobody wants to take the blame on them,
its very easy to say give generic drugs bt unless proven trustworthy no Dr. Would give them
bt watchng SMJ if people want generic drugs n they get side effects who is to be blamed coz interns and residents prescribe drugs mostly in govt hospitals who wouldnt like to put their career at stake for cheap cost of generic drugs

It is true that about $ 800 million are spent for a drug to finally get on the market which takes between 15-20 yrs to happen if a drug even makes it that far...I know this is true in the U.S. but does India have such a stringent approval process is my question...Because even if you were to bring a drug here to the U.S. from a foreign country, it can legally only be a certain amount of months' supply because those foreign country's drugs aren't FDA approved...Nevertheless you can never deny the the amount of time and money that goes into R&D...Most of the general population is unaware of this...Brand name manufacturers have to make back the money spent to get that drug on the market...you're paying for R&D...But of course its a boon to have generic companies who offer drugs at lower prices simply because those lower prices are profitable and affordable for them

And another thing, the active ingredient in brands and generics are the same but the inactive ingredients are different...For the most part, they have the same efficacy...but it all depends on how your body metabolizes the drug which varies from person to person

People tend to trust brand names more and therefore are willing to pay more but they remain misinformed that generic means lower quality...its about time people are educated about the nature of drugs

I personally wouldn't discredit what was said on the show until I had full knowledge of India's drug approval process and the amount of money spent in R&D

End Conclusion :

It's all loot by docs as always, they lick their tongues to the arses to Glaxo and known pharma lab and hence a pill which costs 2 penny, a patient pays 30 Rs per pill.

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Be sober doctor Bros, afterall we are clean and neat and sober guys, let not make this discussion a Fcukking "fish-market", that you have behaved so far, I know we all need money and and I cry and die too,.. so we all are in teh same boat to loot the people out there,... but still Chill,..Thanks .

Chuttyum Sulfate - amir's episode has hit us all hard and very hard, real pain in da arse,

This episode was actually hitting home for me...i have kidney disease and the first case totaly shook me...i live in the US where something like that would be tried to the full extent of the law...and it broke my heart that not only did that woman die unecesarily...but as if she were cattle...but i have noticed a theme in the episodes of SJ...everyone of the epis have had the same ending...no one responsibe for the injustice has ever been punished...

healthcare is a part of us from day to day life and I am sure almost all of us have been through some situation like this. I was shocked beyond belief when they showed the woman dieing. Forget a cattle, it was like she was an experimental chemical that would be used and abused.
Yes, I agree that they do give the message that people/government isn't doing anything. But when you think about it...its a fact...our government does not take any steps regarding these issues...I mean just look at the head of IMA...he didn't feel guilty...he was like "oh it happens, so let it happen, what can we do"

Some doctors thought this episode was anti-doctors and some people living in USA (!) are questioning representation of facts in this episode comparing it to what they see in US!
This episode was about medical malpractices in India and as much as doctors protest, the fact is whatever that was shown was true!
Yes scams start from admission to medical colleges themselves, where one can easily secure seat in private medical colleges by paying couple of lakhs of rupees. Doctors sometimes deliberately keep patients in ICU so that they can charge more money! My father, who's a senior medical officer himself, told me how docs sometimes even keep patient in ICU for days, even after he's dead! Just so they can charge more money for keeping the person in ICU. Operations are conducted without consent - of either patient or family member, there are umpteen cases of negligence, many times person is not treated at all even after conducting so-called operation.
They make patients go in for various ''tests'' even when not needed. Or insist on getting tests from a specific lab only. There is evidence of nexus between doctors, pathological labs, pharma companies.
People did share their experiences with doctors in this thread after the show's telecast. Even medical students IN INDIA contributed to the thread and shared how authorities bribe officials when they come to conduct inspection at their colleges and hospitals.

Malpractice of docs for money has become more rampant now and it is indeed tragic. Low cost insurance is another. Then comes Low cost drugs.

"Low cost insurance" issue: Guess which main "investment partners" are in with Dr. Shetty- JP Morgan and AIG (now called PineBridge investments) ( Source:http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/india/article.cfm?articleid=4493). Thus, I m not surprised that Star Plus (owned by Republican leaning Murdock) is supporting all the fraudulent "investors" like JP Morgan and AIG (who guzzled billions of tax payers' money after the 2008 collapse).
The local state governments are funding the hospital with public funds to subsidize health costs at a "private" hospital with zero oversight as to how much profit the hospital is siphoning off from public funds. This is typical Republican tactics. Today, this "low cost insurance" is low cost. How about in 20 years? The premium will slowly creep up and up and then everyone who has paid into the "scheme" will be Ponzied out of it (as it has happened in the US) including the public eschequer. This needs to be stemmed before the rot spreads.

Cheap drugs: Generic. Indian manufactured generics are the most easily available drugs in the US. The same, say, Amoxycilin will be even cheaper in India. Even then, based on the insurance plan and the co pay charged to the patient, the patient pays more than the actual cost of generics, here in the US. So, this utopian idea of having the states pay for generic drugs to all its citizens is something that needs to be looked into. Already in the US, many patients "stretch" their prescription as they cannot afford their co pays.

I am not saying that affordable health care should not be a focus of the states. On the contrary, state health care has to be brought to a qualitative level and offer equal care to all patients irrespective of social standing or economic ones. There has to be a sliding scale for payment and public hospitals need to meet stringent regulations just as public ones. All graduating doctors have to work in public hospitals for 2 years or so before awarded their passing degree. Such sort of integration will bring about much needed revival of a healthcare system that has been neglected over decades.

If Amir had done some proper research, he would have discovered Shankara Eye Foundation that provides incredible care for blind or nearly blind people in India. He would have discovered Aravind Eye Hospital. He would have discovered Jain hospital in bengaluru and many more such charitable trusts that offer incredible service to their patients with a zeal that honors humanity.

Even this platform, India forums is run by Star TV's set of folks. That is why all the Star shows are consistently ranked higher than the other channels put together. This sort of manipulation takes some seeing through after recognizing the "pattern".

As for the main focus of the program- it could have been leveraged to "educate" people about simple home remedies that can help simple problems like identifying severe dehydration and a home based remedy like water with salt and sugar in it with a dash of lime juice. Such solutions could have been taught using the forum of the show. Instead the Do who was on vacation came on air to say how his maid's son died because of dehydration.

There are many Nani's nuskes that many have forgotten or not learned because their nanis lost it over the years or the kids thought nani to be dumb and told her that the doc knows best. In situations like these, it is good to have some basic health knowledge than none and know to administer first aid of sorts- extending the idea of the Anganwadi workers.

The Anganwadi workers could have been showcased on this show because they do some amazing work around the country.

But then, Star's subterranean money-making ideas will be left out dry.

Guys am so sorry for not updating before met with an accident

People trust medical practitioners, believing that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to safeguard their health. But when this knowledge is misused to exploit this trust medical care becomes a nightmare. The profession is riddled with unscrupulous doctors and hospitals out to make big bucks at the cost of patients, but there are still medical practitioners who stand up for the Hippocratic Oath, and those who want to clean up the profession.

It is generally believed that health is wealth; one can tackle any of life's problems if one is in good health. But when one is not in good health, whom does one go to for help?

The system of commissions and payoffs is rampant, and sickening. And unscrupulous doctors are to be found everywhere, even operating among the poorest sections.

Just as there are people who are part of the problem, there are people who are part of the solution.

A major part of health care is the pharmaceutical profession. And the cost of branded medicines can be astronomical, as can the difference between these and generic medicines.

Should every state government follow the example of Rajasthan and open generic medicine stores throughout their state so that all citizens get medicines at the lowest possible price? Aamir salutes doctors who are working selflessly and tirelessly in the genuine spirit of their profession -- helping people and being healers -- and appeals to medical students to hold such doctors as their ideal.

These are the webs we do not want the public to visit , so hide it and no give to anyone.

Drug scams and frauds of pharma companies in India - some media reports:
- Drugs scam: Pharmaceutical companies wrote letters signed by doctors? - http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-05-10/india/31654810_1_drug-companies-cdsco-drug-expert
-A doctor's blog post on scams and medical malpractices in India - http://blog.drmalpani.com/2012/05/drugs-scam-in-india-and-how-to-fix.html
- A report from The Independent on how drug companies use illiterate and poor people in India for drug trials without even their consent - http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/without-consent-how-drugs-companies-exploit-indian-guinea-pigs-6261919.html
- Another article on nexus between doctors and pharma companies in India (and doctors trying their best to defend themselves!) - http://www.expresshealthcare.in/201010/market25.shtml
- DGCI approving one drug a month without clinical trials: Panel report - http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-05-09/india/31640572_1_clinical-trials-drug-controller-general-cdsco
- Article on how 25 people lost their lives in unethical clinical trials by pharma companies and only 5 were paid compensation by pharma companies - http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-06-06/india/29624892_1_clinical-trials-drug-controller-general-dcgi
- Doctors earn gratuity for prescribing pill - http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2004-12-24/hyderabad/27157055_1_doctor-pharmaceutical-companies-pharmaceutical-firms
- Drugs: Curative or lucrative (another article on nexus between pharma companies and docs) - http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2003-09-09/mumbai/27177407_1_drug-promotion-influence-doctors-pharma-companies
- Indian drug regulator accused of malpractice - Financial Times - http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/3aa8af96-99c8-11e1-8fce-00144feabdc0.html#axzz1wKkjDfj4
- Pharma firms dictate what doctors prescribe: Study - http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2003-09-09/mumbai/27195343_1_influence-doctors-drug-promotion-pharma-companies
- 'Gifts' to docs: Govt to meet drug cos -

Link - http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2009-01-13/india/28057375_1_drug-companies-trade-margins-influence-doctors
[These are not just in context of Satyamev Jayate episode. But also to illustrate how scams do take place in India. Pharma companies are not all research and development! Bribing etc. is possible and very much there in India. Indian conditions can't be compared to the USA. Nor can episodes of SMJ be judged on basis of what happens in foreign countries!]

Here's an organisation called ''People for Better Treatment'' (started by doctors only). And they have lauded Aamir Khan for exposing the truth in this episode of Satyamev Jayate and condemned those who attacked him for ''spoiling'' image of medical profession - http://pbtindia.com/archives/1561
As for medical malpractices in India - whole books have been written by doctors themselves on what unethical practices are followed by doctors in India, one of them is this - http://thelastpolymath.com/doctor.html
[Doctors suddenly start talking about hard work they do or years they spend in training for this profession. I'd like to know why some members of their own fraternity are speaking openly about malpractices in their profession?! Is any report about unethical practices by doctors fake? Can they say whatever that was shown in Satyamev Jayate never happens at all? Can they say confidently that all media reports on medical malpractices in India fake? The show did not generalise all doctors as butchers! But it did expose unethical practices followed by some doctors. Nothing wrong in what they showed!]


Healthcare: Do or Die [Column from Asian Age]
Nine years ago, on a sultry afternoon, inside an unused warehouse on the outskirts of the temple town of Tiruchirapally, I had a conversation with an young mother I will never forget. She was a Sri Lankan Tamil refugee, one of the many who had fled a civil war in her island home so that her children could have a better future. Now, this warehouse-turned-refugee camp was her home. "If I had money, I could do many things. But if I have just '10, I know how I will spend it — an egg, and an exercise book for my child," she said. I remember her because she showed conviction and clarity in face of adversity.
I thought of the woman last Sunday while watching Aamir Khan's Satyamev Jayate. The programme showcased a lightning rod issue: the horrific and spreading menace of medical malpractices in India told through real-life anecdotes of predatory doctors and clinics and hapless patients.

The response to the programme strengthens the case for clarity in the ongoing debate on Universal Health Coverage (UHC), one of the UPA government's more inspirational ideas. There is a vision. But clarity? We are still waiting. On the face of it, everything is going swimmingly. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh talks about his resolve to do more for healthcare. India affirmed its support to UHC at the World Health Assembly in Geneva last week. The topic was a big draw. Everything seems to be going hunky-dory. But some of India's best-known health advocates are worried. Why?
Last week, activist doctor Binayak Sen and his wife Ilina Sen, also a public health advocate, gave a hint of what is simmering beneath the surface by expressing their reservations publicly about the way the UHC idea was shaping up in a signed article in the Week.

Like many public health advocates in the country, the Sens endorse the recommendations of the High Level Expert Group (HLEG) for UHC, set up by the Planning Commission in 2010, to work out a framework for the UHC. The HLEG report calls for an increase in public spending on health from 1.2 per cent of the GDP to 2.5 per cent of the GDP in the 12th Five Year Plan, and to three per cent by the end of 2022. It proposes that every Indian citizen should "be entitled to essential primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare services that will be guaranteed by the Central government". The Expert Group has suggested that a panel of experts should determine the National Health Package taking into account the resource availability as well as the healthcare needs of the country.

Who would offer these healthcare services? The HLEG recommends that such services be made available through the public sector and contracted-in private facilities (including NGOs and non-profits).
Now, the plot thickens. Another group of experts, the Planning Commission's Steering Committee on Health for the 12th Five Year Plan, have come out with their report as well. This group has a somewhat different take on how to implement the UHC on the ground. From Dr Sen's article, it appears that these two groups, with their two separate reports, are not on the same page on key issues.
What is going on? Talking to several people following the UHC discussion closely, I got the impression that the differences between the two sets of experts centres on some eternally prickly issues — who will pay for this grand scheme? Will it be the Centre or the state governments that will eventually cough up most of the additional money required to put the scheme in place? The HLEG thinks it should be the Centre. Apparently, the Planning Commission's committee on health, which also has a few civil society activists, wants the state governments to pay more. HLEG supporters say that asking bankrupt state governments to foot the bill is effectively aborting the UGC. Then, there is the question of how to mesh the public and private sector to make the UHC happen in a cost-effective and transparent way.The two groups differ. The HLEG wants more of a role for the government, whereas the Planning Commission's latest document roots for public-private-partnership with the private sector taking up a chunkier role in public health.

All this is disheartening. India has woeful health indicators. Most Indians have no health insurance. Most pay for treatment out of their pocket. A woman who works as a part-time cook in my neighbourhood told me tearfully that she had to let her mother die, because the family did not have the money to pay for the medicines and hospitalisation any longer. No one in any civilised country should have to let this happen.
Look at our neighbour, China, with whom we are constantly comparing ourselves. At the World Health Assembly, the Chinese health minister said basic medical and health security system now covers 1.295 billion people, more than 95 per cent of China's total population.

The next few months will be critical. The 12th Plan's chapter on health is likely to be finalised in the coming weeks. The plan itself will then be reviewed by the National Development Council, chaired by Dr Singh and chief ministers of various states, for endorsement. The final shape of the 12th Plan will be known only around July 2012. There is time to sort out the differences between the different sets of experts.
The bottomline: India needs healthcare that is accessible, affordable, and we have a right to demand that we are not exploited when we seek treatment. One key reason the Chinese government has been spending so much public money on health has been to take the burden of families so that they spend more in the domestic economy.
Satyamev Jayate showed how emotive healthcare costs and malpractices are becoming. With 2014 not so far away, UPA-2 could add some much-needed sheen to itself, and the country's image, by taking up universal healthcare. Now is the time to show some conviction and clarity, like the young refugee woman whose words still ring so fresh.

[There is politics going on over who would bear costs for health care! Centre or State! Gross! ]

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Though being a doc, I stand on aamir's side,
we all are loots and robs,.. ok aamir you are saint and genius.

Go and call me a Chuttyum Sulfate for that too, NP.

I stand by Amir's side. He has only showed us the bitter truth and did not defame anyone.

"Chor ki daadhi mein tinka" << Thats how i will describe the situation of the docs who are standing against Aamir!

For me, this only adds weight to Aamirs arguements.. !

I am glad he said he wouldn;t apologize...what a demand,.. Hum sab chor hai,. I am a doc and telling you.

I wasnt trying to say that the show try to say bad things about the profession. What i mean is that for example they said that often doctors ask for 10 different bloodtest, when the only "need" 1. I work in the healt sector my self, and as i've said previously the human body is not so easy. Often you have to order 10 diff test to be sure, differental diagnosis etc. What I was trying to say was that I? felt this episode had a very one-sided view of this problem. I agree that many ppl in india
I feel this episode is quite questionable. Doctors are not Gods. Thye cant know anything for sure. The human body is not? so easy as some might think it is. I agree, many doctors are doing a really bad job! But making ppl think doctors are a bad thing is ridiculous!

Apology for what?For telling the truth? We have slaughtered many and any,..Did he target the whole medical community?No,he pointed out black sheep among them.Are they all angels?Did he not talk about angels like Dr Shetty?
Prescribing spurious medicine for personal gain is an age old disease among some doctors.Take these two contrary cases.
In early 60s there was a brilliant doctor whose diagnosis without tests was perfect.But the medication was prescribed from sub-standard companies.
Another equally great.When illiterate patients got his prescription he asked them to show him the medicine purchased.If any chemist substitutes a wrong medicine his license was in danger.It takes all kinds to make a community.

I regret to say that most of what was on the doctors malpractice episode was true (atleast it was 5 yrs back when I last practiced in India )... I have worked with many honest doctors... I have observed dishonest doctors...Aamir Khan should definitely not apologize for bringing out the facts... Whether he apologizes or not will not affect the way honest doctors work and if it brings some fear to the dishonest ones, keep it up I say...

the so called doctors are trying to run for cover ... what do they think by Aamir apologising to them it will make them feel better ... well then they need to first start apologising to the millions of patients whose lives they have played with

Aamir MUST NOT make an apology. He's doing a righteous job. Whatever he has shown is 99.9% true..
BUT Aamir NEVER said ALL doctors.. People are like this only.. If somebody comes up with any virtuous thing, they start pinning out the cons..leaving the pros far behind. Sigh.
Doctors should indeed, apologise for their corrupt & money-making mentality.

that is all they can do , ask for apology, instead of accepting the fact that there are dishonest doctors which I am sure they are aware of, but since it is an actor who is hosting they are saying he should stick to acting and not do such shows, wonder if they would have accepted the episode if it was hosted by a doctor. hypocrisy much.
I don't see what the problem is? he never took names of any doctors and said that they specifically were doing it. He only said the doctors who were doing illegal things to stop and he acknowledged the doctors who provided the poor with free treatment.

He criticizes malpractices of doctors so he is right at his part.
its always the guilty conscience which makes offenders speak...

AAMIR must not say sorry.. whatever he has done is r8.. whatever he has shown is real... some corrupt docs who has made it a practice of having commission n making ds job a business they r howling at their top coz truth pricked them hard ... well done AAMIR.. ds reaction shows u hv hit d bull's eye.. SATYAMEV JAYATE We are chors and he got us all right.

They went to worst lows imaginable. Even spread dirty rumours about Aamir Khan's kids just to get back at him for this episode. Sorry docs. Just didn't expect this from you.
A few doctors also supported Aamir and Team SMJ, shared their own stories.
Points made by docs against him are laughable. They are angry because patients have begun to ask them questions! As if patients never had right to question already! And giving examples of hardwork etc. mean what? Does it mean you're allowed to be corrupt since you work harder than anyone else?
My dad, who's a doctor himself said it had to happen since the community got exposed with this episode!
Doctors' campaign is only bringing them more insult and brickbats. On every site there are overwhelming comments in favour of SJ, with people sharing their own brush with corrupt doctors at some point or other in life.

i guess the truth hurts...

and now, those so-called 'drs' are panicking...
Asking for an apology isnt ri8 thing to do
if IMA wanted they could instead get their facts clarified which they are arguing
aamir is doing a good job
bt in india uneducated people really dnt think they just act
this can turn out to be a pretty bad thing for new doctor's who join in like me

So everyone who comes forward with truth and substantial evidence to justified the same, will have to be careful about revealing the truth as this might hurt the sentiments of some section of the society because the "truth" happens to be about their profession really it's high time India's politician actually did something for the country and were made to answer for the fat salary they collect every month, Not even one of them is standing up and asking these Madscape people for the reason they want apology from star who is just trying to use his power to spread awareness among people about their right to question, obtain information and make informed decision, I don't think he accused all professional in this field but the fact is that most of them are involved in underhand dealings in some way or the other is really a matter of shame, It's India's misfortune that people who can do something about the corrupt practises are choosing to ignore and turn a blind eye, MCI is the best example of how such practises are not only being ignored but encouraged and spread by complete inaction even when a complaint is received against practitioners
People who are questioning his motive and presenting his per episode earnings forget one basic thing to fight the system, you need awareness and he has said from the first episode that he is not trying to change the system just present the fact through a medium that can reach masses easily and then let people decide what's right and wrong, So are these people asking apology from a star or the presenter of the show, if presenter then why there are so many news channel doing exactly that, NDTV did years ago and if they are questioning a star then he is first one to actually make a difference and I salute him for that, Bravo Aamir you are doing an excellent job and I don't think you need to apologise to anyone for stating fact, people who are shouting horse and crying wolf should come forward and under right to information act should pass on the details of their free services to poor and so called assault to Doctors with dates and place I am sure their plea will be taken up by journalists who actually believe in publishing facts till then silence is golden...

My husband is a doctor. We watched this show...and have to admit much of what Aamir said is true. We live in the US and everything is heavily regulated here...but still...medicine is a big business. Thankfully my husband is in the percentage of honest doctors...so maybe he didn't find anything offensive in the show.

In any case I don't believe Aamir blatantly bashed the profession or any doctor or doctors group in particular. Rather he pointed our flaws in the healthcare system that should be addressed.

He criticizes malpractices of doctors so he is right at his part.

I totally agree Amir Khan should NOT apologies. All he has done is shed light to the messed up health care provision. He never said all doctors are the same he demonstrated the good, the bad and the evil.

We should take this positively and as a learning point and not take it personally. He is making people aware of the pitfalls which can/do arise in life, society and the systems...there is nothing wrong with that.

e.g. his episode on child sexual abuse wasn't demonstrating that parents are negligence towards their children, rather parents should try and be a bit more alert and listen to their children and moreover should educate their children so that their children are aware that such behaviors are inappropriate and should not happen. so that children can to some extent safeguard themselves.

I believe his shows will surely make a difference...and hopefully people would use his efforts as a guide to learn and improve.

Why should Aamir say sorry. Isnt those also call them a Dr. who take a life of an unborn girl just for1500??????? I saw the show not 1 time he said all the Dr. are same so wots the issu here. those who dose their job honestly they shouldnt need to worry right?


I was waiting for him to say NO. and he did so proud of him i honstly dont feel that he said anything wrong and needed to say sorry for anything. If ppl cant see what he is trying to do is their lost not Aamirs.

@bold... wt nonsense...AK is tryin 2 make a difference here... educating the society with the hidden horrific facts and u think he shud stop it?... goes 2 shw wt kind of a person this doc is...

fair enuf... bt wt do u hav 2 say abt the video clipping tht showed wt sum docs did??... AK didn't say ALL docs r like tht... he sed those tht r shud b punished and shud nt practice anymre..thts the onli way crime of killing babies etc and other wrong doings wil eventually stop.
rather than expecting an apology the docs shud gt 2geva and try eliminating those docs tht do wrong deeds under the name of "profession"

Things an be said the other way round too...docs should also stick to treating people and should not speak to media...is it fair??? No it is not...then by the same logic amir should not be told what to do and what not do...if you have issues take him to court...sue him...but I guess you won't be doing that...MCI's president was there...

Mr. Taori didn't he mention dr. Shetty's commendable job, didn't he talk to dr.gulati...and by the way did he once say that all doctors are corrupt...

Why the entire doctor community is going berserk...instead they should look for those few doctors who are bringing blemishes to the entire community...

I think this will happen after every episode...truth is a bitter pill...

I feel this episode is quite questionable. Doctors are not Gods. Thye cant know anything for sure. The human body is not so easy as some might think it is. I agree, many doctors are doing a really bad job! But making ppl think doctors are a bad thing is ridiculous!

They are trying to defend they unethical practices and cover them up thats what this acticle looks like. Instead of pointing a finger at Amir Khan why dont u doctors try and clean up your profession.

I wasnt trying to say that the show try to say bad things about the profession. What i mean is that for example they said that often doctors ask for 10 different bloodtest, when the only "need" 1. I work in the healt sector my self, and as i've said previously the human body is not so easy. Often you have to order 10 diff test to be sure, differental diagnosis etc. What I was trying to say was that I? felt this episode had a very one-sided view of this problem.

So please dont bash me, like I've said, im not saying the whole episode was rubbish. Its really good and much needed to show these unseen sides of India today. BUT I wished the show could have a more two-sided point of view on cases like these...

He shouldnt apologize too!! He has done NO wrong.. as rightly remarked by him.. the IMA's repo has gone down coz of the unethical practices of the docs and companies themselves! Kudos to him!

IMA iS JUST INTO ENDORSING STUPID FLUORIDE FILLED TOOTHPASTES WHICH ARE NOT EVEN GOOD FOR US ...break the dilusion that anything certified bu IMA is solution to our probelms .. Aamir is right people who are demanding apology ..there is something wrong there , they must be indulging in such acts !

I stand by Aamir. He particularly mentioned at the end that there are worthy doctors in the nation and saluted them. He was just shedding light on the fact that due to a majority of corrupt doctors in India, people are almost scared of going to doctors. The IMA should focus on finding such doctors and weeding out corruption from the medical sector instead of wasting their time and accusing Aamir, as they claim of 'defaming the medical industry'. Their action is truly shocking and disgusting, and I am glad Aamir has refused to apologize.

Source: Times of India


An umbrella body of 21 medical institutions Wednesday asked Bollywood star Aamir Khan to apologize for accusing doctors of malpractices in his TV talk show Satyamev Jayate.

Medscape India said the representation of malpractices supposedly perpetrated by doctors was "rather sad" and Aamir Khan should offer his apologies.

"It is rather sad that doctors should be made the object of such shameless, unilateral scrutiny," Himanshu Mehta, co-founder and advisor to Medscape India, said.

After highlighting social issues affecting Indian society, Aamir Khan, in the fourth episode of his show, turned the spotlight on healthcare and malpractices in the medical profession.

He highlighted unethical practices, corruption and scandalous revelations in medical treatment.

"Aamir Khan is my favourite actor and he should stick to making films," said another doctor, Sunita Dube, president of Medscape.

"Surprisingly, no doctors' body has spoken against Aamir yet. We need to stand united against such blatant lies. We are going to write a scathing letter demanding an apology from him," Dube said.

Medscape pointed out that doctors were subjected to assault without any fault and many people didn't understand the pressures of the profession.

"Where is Aamir Khan when doctors are assaulted? Where is he when we give free treatment to the needy?" asked Kishore Taori, president of the Maharashtra Medical Council that is associated with Medscape.

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here,...... is another Kidney Chor !

Dr. Sreedhar, the nephrologist who had been accused of negligence, along with Fortis hospital has accused Amir Khan and his team of improper research. He has submitted the entire case history of Mrs. Seema Rai along with all related documents. Here is the complete article:


It's quite long and there are a lot of medical terminlogies. Here is the article in a nutshell in case anyone is interested:

1.) He is a highly reputed doctor from USA and has practiced there for lots of years before returning in 2003. He explained everything that happened, why each and every step was taken. He said the main problem that occured was Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) which is a bleeding condition and septic shock or infection in lay man language. (After transplant surgeries, patients have to be given immunosuppressives which increase infection risk. Patients with diabetes and kidney failure have a high infection rate as it is.)

2.) He clarified about the blood transfusion thing and platelets as well. 33 units of blood were given which is equal to 13 litres of blood and also platelets were given. (since the patient was bleeding bcos of DIC)

3.) Valid consent was taken during each and every step of the surgery. Mr Rai was grateful to him and his team for doing his best.

4.) Later when Mr. Rai filed the court case on him two years back, the whole case was investigated from a scratch. Karnataka Medical Council gave him a clean chit after one year of thorough investigation and said there was no negligence. Surprisingly when Mr. Rai filed the court case, he did not mention about the 'lack of valid consent' at all which he mentioned in SMJ. Mr. Rai then took up the case with the MCI, the verdict for which has not been passed yet.

5.) The official spokesperson of SMJ has not yet reverted back to the mails and documents sent by the nephrologist telling his side of the story.

Another article by The Hoot:


1.) Independent opinions by four reputed surgeons from four different hospitals of India and one of Brooklyn have diluted Rai's claims. The article says that none of such assessment was done on the show and only Mr. Rai's words were taken as the truth.

2.) The Hoot claims to have copy of original consent forms signed by Mr. Rai prior to his wife's surgery.

3.) Mr. Rai had not mentioned on the show that he has filed a case in consumer forum seeking Rs.84,55,933.

The Hoot also analysed where Aamir went wrong in this episode, saying that if you are making such serious accusations, you have to allow the other party to give their side of the story too, just as it is in journalism. Here, the KMC had declared the nephrologist as not guilty, and the MCI has yet to pass a decision, yet only Mr. Rai's words were taken as the truth and only one side of the argument shown.

Disclaimer: I'm simply posting the article and it's summary. These are not my views or arguments.

I wonder how and why I missed this post. This should've been on page 1. And yes, one-sided reporting has been a hallmark of SMJ.

But then I believe that there is lack of proper research evident in most episodes. The team seems to have simply taken the most reported cases and built them into each episode, without going into merits and demerits of the individual stories.

Sometimes the solutions suggested (if at all they are) also are quite facile and impractical.

I'll be honest and say I watched this episode with mixed feelings, since my own husband is a doctor. The medical profession along with its affiliates is a big business...no doubt...but it still is a noble profession.

The show at times did seem lop-sided maybe because they were trying to create sympathy for those who suffered malpractice. Malpractice is a real issue...but not all malpractice has an evil intent behind it. Doctors are also human being and can make mistakes. And it is still a small percentage of the over all good care provided by most doctors.

Change is good...at the same time...factual reporting is also important, especially when the views presented can mislable or shake the credibility of an entire profession.

I had high hopes for this show after the first episode...still do...don't want to see it go down hill due to poor research on part of Aamir or his production team..

Wait a sec! This matter is sub judice. And no wonder the doctor is claiming innocence here or getting defensive.
I am not saying he is lying. But we cannot make any conclusion on either this or Major Rai's story, since the case is still going on. It's a very high profile case, even examined by Top law schools in India.

Here is Pankaj Rai's rebuttal to the doctor's allegation, complete with documents from his side! - http://ibnlive.in.com/news/satyamev-jayate-victim-strikes-back-at-doctor/265030-44-124.html

The doctor obviously felt the show might have tilted balance against him. Though I am surprised why he is so angry when Aamir's show never named him openly or his hospital! Rather his reaction has made him known for sure!

As for The Hoot, don't tell me about it, because it's been publishing anti Satyamev Jayate articles since the day its promos went on air. Not a fair source.

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nice thread.

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We have hundreds of tribal women walking topless in the forest. Suspend all forest officials.

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An open letter to,.................... Nanawati ::

Well, doc Susheel Nanavati, let me tell you,

Sorry to say,.. but you are a big liquor !! i mean a licker,....... an arse licker to aamir. Well,.. i never mind,.... it's yr call,.. enjoy it to its last drop,...... and from my side,...God bless ya both !

And,.. if you are done with that,.. an honest advice. - Just take off that rosy color of pink eye-glasses and stop dis fakkimh praise-singing kinda dim-wit, moronic business. aamir is our enemy, doc,... FYKI.

You are not only a maha-moorakh but an idiotic persona and Bewkoofon ke sardaar.
Just take my words. Even though it will be hard to digest for you, but I am telling after thorough investigation.

How many cases you have spoiled so far ?
Some data records in the book says 116, and btw,.. 10 among them were among the 5-7 age group of innocent kids. IMHO, you should be hung up even before Kasab. You are a racist murderer. - that simple.

When you are praising aamir khan and singing the praise songs of AK, that he did the right job of bashing our community, lemme’ ask you do you have any answers to the following questions. Provide be any genuine, logical, sensible and understandable understanding and I will know that, I am living on a different planet, by not knowing it.

Like you said,.. aamir and Doc Nanavati,.. da freaking you, both are ChSO4 – Yess, Chuttyum sulfate, and changing yr colors more often than any changes his underwear or a “ girgit “ changes its color.

If I were a judge of the court, my verdict would be,..

Dono ko liquid oxygen mein daal dau.

Liquid jeene nahin dega,.. aur Oxygen mar ne.

Since you both are muththa fakkaa baaysturd racists.

Now listen,…

Aamir speaks gaali in his movie had dirty dialects like
“iis larki ne mera chusa hai” in recent D K Boss movie,.. Delhibelly Speaks Bhen ch*d in movie “ Earth and when Hillary Clinton arrive sin India, he is doing syaanpatti and does the talk of Education and child welfare and by that way canvasses his movie “ Taare zameen par “

The same bustard charges 3.5 Cr for one hour of show.

The same bustard do not take bath for long and on show explains to be neat clean, disease free, water cleanliness and such,.. read article about his not taking bath by his wife Kiran.
On SMJ , he talks about health and fitness !! Eh ! - two sets of elephant teeth ???? Helloooooo !!


The very same bustard, does his very first Coke Ad with aishwarya and also for Coke and pepsi when Baba Ramdev, told him no to , since it carries pesticides and after making money on Coke Ad he talks on shows of SMJ about pesticide sin vegetables and such,..

This very same basturd was hitting his own brother Faisal khan and was having case on him and on harassing him mentally, was an inch close to go to jai, and now talks about Wife and kids hitting and spouse harassing and such on his show !

AK, man,……. you are double standard and freaking and faking fart-arse idiot.

In interview he says clearly I am an entertainer and hence just acting and playing and hence shedding tears and playing with human emotion sis his Pesha ( BZness ) and nothing else,… he has no social sympathy and when show is over he will be back to his movie business making money

Recent news says he admits that many parts of the show was rehearsed trimmed, shopped
And film climate and effect was created like films to bring show effects and it was not alive show as if it is going, but intention was, to play with public’s human emotions and feeling with crocodile tears,

Dhoon and title songs of SMJ and many other songs of each show-episode ( rupaiya song ) were stolen from somewhere. Many of the data he presented about medical things were wrong.

He did not put ANY effort for the show,.. the research team, camera man, angles, show effect, choreography, song writers, r and D for data and material research dept, each did their own work, and this fart arse basturd, do “ rutting” of the well written dialects scripts like any movie, and while sitting at the arm chair comfort, started bashing Rajasthaan’s CM and ton sof others who actually worked hard at the grass root level and they know how much difficult it is,.. easier to say than do,…. But this thingu bustard, simply fakkked the docs, panchayatas, pesticide factories, while earning name fame and popularity, while playing with human emotions and made money and fame,… other research team did the work for gathering data,.. and this film guy just acted,. And he says,…. I am simply an entertainer and acting is my Pesha for shedding crocodile tears.

All his movies has wrong mssg, than what he speaks on show,...in Rang De Basanti - a Sharaabi vegabaond ( here he speaks against alcohol ) , see his Chutyapa movie delhibelly,.....
ch*dan patti and rape in movie Earth,... etc etc,.. on SMJ he acts like any sadhu-saint and bashes docs.

In 3 idiots ,.. all is well songs,.. tons of water is wasted and here he says,.... " Each drop counts,.. save water" - Hey M. F. , SOB, ... for da god sake,.. please,....shut that sheedy n' shitty mouth-hole,.. it stinks and smells,...... and take a bath,... Kiran complains,....Thx.

Hey,. Doctor Nanavati,..... I can go on and on about this M.F. your beloved, most near and dear one,.. yr very own aamir,… Have you any reply for the above ??

I tell ya,.... aamir is the hardcore concentrated ChSo4, and so are you. - jis thaali mein khaanaa,.. uss hi mein Chhed.

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uncensored pics?
Aache din (aur raat) aa gaye...Finally managed to open my Wife to the concept of incest...now we see incest videos together b4 sex...had a great sex watching Japanese mom son incest gameshow...

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