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Old 19th May 2018
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Originally Posted by Cadaver View Post
offlate i have seen many husbands exposing and showing pics and videos of their own wife .i mean thir own wife who comes with ritual of mariage and taking several oaths to be with her.protect her and blaablaa blaaa .the girl is sent to these men on part of a trust and sancity from the side of parents.some are clicking thier wives pics and they are sending and posting without their wives consent.many want that their wives should be impregnated by some other men .my query is that are these husbands impotent in real or some thing else .what if these pics are missused .some are branding themselves as cuccolds .is this a psychological issue .a mental problem or some thing else .if thse cant protect ur wife or retain her sancity why u guys marry and ruin the girls life .
kindly knowledge people throw some light
Some gyaan about nonconsensual uploading and sharing

Everything humans do has a psychological basis.

What u are asking is whether:
It is abnormal behavior or deviant behavior or a perversion

Liberals will say Who is to decide what is normal and what is abnormal until the shit hits their own ceiling fan. I know a liberal who was all for men and women fucking around bindaas until he had a daughter. After that he clammed up. Most liberals are hypocrites while there may be some genuine ones also.

But since human beings have decided to live in an organised human society in communities villages cities states nations, some simple business rules need to be in place in order to have some semblance of peace and stability in this society. Different nations states societies have adopted different business rules. One sticks by it until they change.

One business rule in India is uploading and sharing porn with our without permission is not allowed.

To answer ur question, vis a vis the human society that we have created in our nation, yes it is deviant behavior. It has become fashionable to ridicule the words sanskari but these very ppl who ridicule it get the jitters when shit happens in their own family.

Some so called liberals are trying to superimpose the Western template of human society on to our human society. Only time will tell what will happen.

BTW nobody seems to hv done some lateral thinking and wondered why Indian wives dont exhibit their hubbies nudes?
Are Indian men only like that or Indian women also do it?
Or is it because single male nudes are not allowed in xossip (SEXIST PORNSITE) or do Indian wives exhibit it on some other sites? I have not seen any such sexual behaviour amongst Indian wives until now. Mebbe some more experienced internet smartasses can throw light on this.

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Old 2nd July 2018
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I strongly feel that a low self esteemed man is very susceptible to cuckoldery. especially when a man has a low self esteem because of a age difference with his wife say his grey hiar or no hair or that he is short or fat.. the men who think they have a strong and beautiful woman may try to compensate for their lack of self esteem by bragging about their prized possession or their biggest achivement - their wife.

some others may have seen other men do it may simply be trying it out.. and once it has helped them spice things up in their marital bed they may continue doing it.

others may just find it erotic when other men speak dirty about thier wives.

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Old 2nd July 2018
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Exhibitionism, its a kind of an aesthetic. Grow up punks. It is you, who are having the so called psychological issues.

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