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Old 22nd October 2016
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Newsflash: Mr Cock Stroker, there is something called foreplay which you need to master, also unwrapping the chocolate slowly and letting it melt in ur mouth is way better than biting the shit out of it every second in motion.

You want to fuck her ass, you say it like it is very normal. Do not do it. Even if she agrees to it, she will fucking hate you for it for the rest of your life.

Making her comfortable and taking things smoothly would do the work but all this time you were busy counting your strokes per second and doing all the things that you want. I guess you missed out on her take and now she is kinda closed because you were in a hurry to do all the sex positions in a day like there is no tmrw.

Try to talk to her (not about sex) anything, make her fall in love with you, make her want you, that is how you do it, you are welcome by the way.

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Old 25th October 2016
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Originally Posted by Uthita_Lingam View Post
From the want you gave I think you want a Whore not a wife

I think you hv read too many Porno stories, and seen Porno Videos- those are all fantasy. i think u hv a great wife who sucks your cock. I hav not herd any body( Indian wife) in real swallowing cum. So be happy and be real.

And I think u r not actually making her very exited, so her vagina is not secreting, and it hearts. There is something wrong how u r approaching her.

What you have describe is kind of rough sex, not love making romance. be romantic in bed. You are just trying to satisfy your lust. be conciderat....sex is both way thing.

yes i agree with his point.after ur foreplay and during penetration she should be wet and if she loves the sex then no problem while strokes.if she lost interest in sex then ur strokes going to hut her vagina because of no wetness

Old 25th October 2016
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it seems it is a fake story

Old 25th October 2016
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who counts the strokes???? dude you are having unrealistic expectations...

Old 26th October 2016
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go slow and sometime it takes time

Old 26th October 2016
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bro...your problem is that you think too highly of yourself...just think that you are also an average and learn with her...she doesnt want to be judged for her sexual capabilities...just be normal to her and be very understanding...practice these magic words "its fine...i understand ...you dont have to do anything you dont want to do"
try to talk to her about what she likes...not just in sex...in everything...many people think that sex just begins and ends in the bedroom..this is wrong....great sex is a whole day process...great sex involves all those small small turn ons...those emotional turn ons when your spouse listens to you...its not about buying gifts...you cant expect her to be happy with you cause you take heron expensive holidays and buy her expensive gifts...she is not a prostitute to be happy for the money you spent on her...she is your wife...great sex is about those understanding...great sex comes from thos doors you held for her...comes from those times you lifted her off her feet...those times you held her heels for her...those time you gave her your jacket...these matter more...and after these...you can move onto catching her ass randomly and all those things...this is where great sex comes from...turn ons are not just in the bed...it happens round the clock...those naughty jokes...and everything...i hope you understand...and you have to be real patient with a virgin,man...i personally hate virgins cause of this...but actually you have to be real patient with them...and work on yourself...the truth is women only care about your penis size once you let down your pants...and till then they care aabout your upper body and ass actually...you can have the biggest cock in the world but if you have an ugly stomach on top...then trust me no woman will be turned on by you...even we guys dont like women with huge boobs and also huge stomachs...right?
so instead of finding out what she is doing wrong...figure out what you are doing wrong ...and just work on them....then slowly you will see your sex getting great...am sorry if i overstepped with my reply...and i apologise if am wrong...have a nice day

Old 27th October 2016
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I think she is perfectly right in what she is doing. Even I wont do what this guy is expecting.

Old 27th October 2016
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Originally Posted by barsaatmausam View Post
Hello to all my new friends!!
Wanting some advice No actually, needed it, desperately, from this community hopefully I will get good advice.

Anyway my story: arranged marriage with a very cute wife from family friends recomdatation. She seems simple type, but she isnt that much, she's often getting angry but thats ok. Hot body, not bad breast, nice bottom, nice lips. All in all I will say she is maybe a 7/10.

Anyway, in bedroom, this is a problem, she is maybe 2/10 and I am very much not happy. We married last year and I had big plans in honeymoon, booked himachal winter tour and was expecting amazing bedroom times.

But so far, only disappointment!!

Will describe issues:
- wont kiss in public, only hold hands
- is shy of tongue kissing even in bedroom
- is shy of masturbating
- is shy of lights being on
- doesnt like porn
- only sucks my cok sometimes
- only swallow sometimes
- wont allow cum shots on her body or face

And then, the sex part is not great also, i have great staminas and very large size so she should be happy, but she only complains of being tired and sore. I can go every night for 20 minutes forplay and 40 mins continous high quality sex, I can go one cock stroke per second when in motion, and I do such a great job to bring up 150-200 strokes in a session, record is 250 cock strokes in her pussy.

Such quality sex and she feels sore and tired and says it's too much.
I volunteer to lick her pussy, she doesnt like.
I want to fuck her ass, she doesn't like.
Both of these only come 1-2 times in month and that is SO BAD

I take her shopping, buy dresses, I'm nice and very romantic.
Sweet talks, all that good things.
Honeymoon, wow, winter and snow and mountains

She says she is happy and STILL sex is too average for me

What do I do !!
To the average responder of this thread it seems like you're writing to brag.

Interesting how you have quantified her into a physical 7/10. What is your score?

Sexually you say she's a 2/10. And you seem to think that you are around 9/10?

Won't kiss in public - most people won't - men or women - unless they have a VERY strong relationship. You aren't there yet.

Tongue Kissing This a very intimate form of expression. You seem to think that since she is married to you it should happen automatically. Have you checked your dental hygiene?

Lights on/ Masturbation This requires time and trust. Not something you can expect right away, from an inexperienced girl thrown into marriage.

You think a big dick and long lasting ability is very fulfilling It isn't the size of the dick that cause arousal. Women don't get aroused so much by looking at men - unlike men whose arousal is almost purely visual.
Women's arousal begins before you take off your clothes. How you behave, how you look after them, how you smell.
Once sex begins that arousal remains only as long as your good behavior remains. The moment you turn into a self satisfying "dick-head" that arousal goes out of the window - 150 or 250 stokes won't matter!!

Clothes or gifts or Mountains or snow. These things work if there already is some good will (sexual goodwill) existing - if not - you'll be fucking a dry hole.

So, take a long hard look at yourself. Make a change in your approach. Mean it. Pretending will not help. Best of luck

Old 27th October 2016
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After reading all your blah blah about how good you are in the sack, i am actually interested in what rating your wife gives you. I won't be surprised if her rating isn't flattering for you.

But then she is a nice girl who puts up with husbands tantrums! I am sure she keeps it to herself

All the best mate!

When your only tool is a hammer, all problems start looking like nails.

Old 29th October 2016
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wife is for lifetime.... use slowly...

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