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Old 15th April 2018
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Originally Posted by erdfsdf View Post
Yes, put it on. As a bonus people will start avoiding you when you stink of onion/ garlic
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Old 19th April 2018
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Consult a good trustworthy skin specialist, or ayurvedic doctor if that is your preference. (It may be worthwhile to visit both.) The location of the hairloss, and the reason for the hairloss, will dictate the treatment necessary.

If it is hereditary hairloss on the head (commonly known as male pattern baldness, medical name is Androgenetic Alopecia) , then if you are serious about treating it you will have to hurry. My understanding is that the hair already gone will not come back but what is there can be prevented from falling with the correct treatment. Male pattern baldness occurs due to testosterone affecting the hair follicles on the head in a certain pattern and harming them probably permanently. 25 years ago the treatment for that was to apply a lotion containing Minoxidil; it was expensive and yet mostly ineffective for a lot of people. they took about 10 years to discover that along with applying the Minoxidil lotion you also have to orally take some specific tablets. The lotion and the tablets together prevent hair loss in case of Male Pattern Baldness, but they do not reverse the effect on the affected hair follicles. So you can at best keep the hair you have, but not get back the hair you lost. So the correct time to start this treatment is before hairloss starts, and use them your whole life (or until you get married and your wife becomes so fat and ugly that no one else will marry her so you can let your hair fall).

On the positive side, hairloss due to testosterone means that anyone who looks at you knows that your body has enough testosterone, and thus
1) a high sex drive
2) good potential for muscle building especially in the upper body (arms and chest) so you should work out and achieve that good look.

On a lighter note, the movie Caligula has a scene where a Roman empress (played by Helen Mirren) has a maid collect fresh semen from some men in front of her, and then have that massaged on her (to improve her skin maybe?). The Roman emperor happens to be there, takes a little semen on his fingers and rubs it on his head, and asks "Does it also cure baldness?"

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