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Old 1st September 2017
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Sharing my real encounter with one of my Delhi cuckold couple..............

Few years back this real session started. I get connected with one cuckold frnd from xossip. He share his fantasy with me and how he feel about her sexy wife. what he wana to do with his wife.... he told me her wife is shy type and little orthodox to... they having a 4 yr old kid also. I asked him is her wife knows about ur cuck feeling he said not so but she knows it. Coz when they have sex session they chat about it but wife refuse too. or she dont take interest in it. coz she shows patiwrata types..... actually she is not so.
After 5 months chat my partner get more open with me and trust me. As my rules are clear to him we both are reputed person so trust , secrecy is most imp for us.... but trust come after knowing each other.... then he start sharing her wife normal pics in diff occasion ans outing some bedroom pics also... after that we bcom good chap also. and he shared some more hot pics of wife.... then v had discussion about her looks and all and in which outfit she look hot....
We had chat about how i make love with his wife... what position she like to be get most pleasure.. Her wife is very keen to have sex in diff ways... and experiment new way of fucking but this guys hav not much interest as he wana she get pleasure by other guy... So she get satisfied... As normal life of Man back from office and hard work don't have energy to satisfy her and do sex frequently... So wife also get exhausted of his nature..... Hubby thinking she get pleasure from out and wife wana from him... Well she also start taking interest other guys.. After few days i ask him to make your wife bold and make her wear some sexy outfits so she feel good... but hubby told me she never prefer coz usually use saree tht too with half or full sleeves and normal salwar kurta or leggings....
I told him most wife shy to wear coz what family think about her what society think of it.. and most important what you feel for her.... So i suggested him some online skirts till knee so she get bold.. and shown some above knee skirts also.. and ask him to show his wife.. I was sure she will select any of them.. but hubby have full doubt on my idea. I shared some baby doll lingerie also.... He was in office that time and he whatsapp her those outfits.. and scared also what wife express...
But what i feel she react same she selected one skirt from it and was happy that his hubby showing such pics which he never do so... Hubby get shocked about her behavior and happy also. Well she shown interest in mini skirts also.. he was confused also how she saying yes for mini also.... and we both are happy as our plan worked.... Then i shared him some sexy transparent saree and sleeveless blouse design also wife also shocked about hubby behavior she ordered one saree and 2 piece of blouse which are sleeveless and backless also.....
After few days we plan to meet and he told me his wife wear same skirt which i selected for her. We want i get close to her wife.. and he told his wife i m his close frnd and the same guy who suggested those sexy outfits..she also keen to meet me and excited also.. he was happy wife showing interest in me... and on the meeting day she was taking more time to get ready and he told me his wife ask him several times how she looking.. He also amazed to see his wife in skirt... We plan to meet at Mall on MacD...... Continued...
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Old 9th September 2017
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Originally Posted by Akshay1230 View Post
Do you like your wife selfie?

Dont you?

< image >
I remember a friend of mine from Cameroon. He was huge and his cock was almost 10". Once I went to see him and peeped in his room. He was fucking his girlfriend. I waited for sometime till they finish.
Then she gone
I told him what I saw and was so nice. He asked me do you want to taste her. I asked how. He opened his towel and showed me his black python.
I licked it.
Next time he fucked her in front of me and gave me opportunity to lick her. Drenched pussy.
His come.
पत्नीदास मी Cucky

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