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Old 9th January 2017
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The Dos and Donts of Stories Section

The following are the rules of story section and each and every member must abide by them if they want to post in it.

(1)This is a stories section and quite naturally we expect stories. Text is welcome, be it a post, a .doc a .pdf or an image. Some members have posted audio stories as well. Those are acceptable too. Any other material posted here will be deleted or moved to appropriate section.

(2)Go easy on the font colors and sizes. They are there for occasional use and not for putting up huge posts especially stories in lurid colors! The text should be readable comfortably.

(3)DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS!!! This is the Internet version of shouting and is considered rude. The story would certainly get appreciation if the content is good.

(4)Do not quote the whole story in your post. The poster will understand you are talking to him even if you don't quote.

(5)Do not make a separate thread for every subsequent part to the same story. This creates a problem for the users to read.

(6)If your story is spread across multiple pages, try to maintain an index on the first page of your thread, linking to the various updates in your story. If you require help in creating an index, feel free to PM any moderator or open a thread in the Help Section

(7)Do not add links to other story sites. While we do understand that you might have copied the stories from some other site, you can give credit to the original author rather than advertising the site.

(8)Do not post copyrighted stories. If any story is found to be copyrighted, it will be deleted without delay, and may result in banning of the poster.

(9)Do not post your address, email id or phone number in any of the threads. It will be edited if done so. If that does not happen it will be spammed.

(10)Child pornography and other explicit illegal material including bestiality is not only disallowed, but abhorred at eXBii. Any member found posting links to, or actively discussing child pornography or posting stories thereof will be banned without warning. Do not upload or post links to any files which may be against the law in any manner.

(11)Do not post any story or message that may create any kind of religious, political or communal controversy. These kinds of messages are strictly prohibited.

(12)Reputation points are something which should be given as a token of appreciation and not as a bribe for getting back reps. Also while expecting replies and reps is natural, repeatedly asking for the same is not in good taste. Kindly refrain from doing so.

(13)Posting irrelevant posts, chit chatting with one another and spamming is not allowed in story threads. For story section we have our own Live thread where you can chat, discuss story ideas or even tell others about your story threads.

(14)Writers must start their stories within 24 hours of starting their new thread otherwise it will be moved to the test section and it will only be moved back when they have posted the story in it. If still no story will be posted even after one week of that thread being moved to the test section then it will be junked permanently.

(15)While criticizing a story constructively is allowed, try to be as polite as you can in doing so. Keep in mind that anyone who posts a story here puts a lot of time and effort in it. So try your best to not discourage them.

(16)Copying Xossip's original stories and starting new threads with them with or without minor changes is not allowed. You must atleast take the permission from the original writer. Otherwise such threads will be closed or junked.

(17)Keep in mind that underage characters are not allowed in under any circumstances be it sexual or non sexual. Using them could lead to the closure of the thread or ban.

(18)If you need any clarifications on the above rules please go through the FAQs or contact the Administrators or Moderators. They will be pleased to assist you.

Have you seen the announcement yet?
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