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Old 26th September 2011
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Mother's Fucking In Public

I am Ratna, 47 years, still having good figure, which is a result of satisfying fucking with different people during last 15 year. In my first 32 year I took only one cock in my cunt whereas in next 15 year I must have taken at least 3000 cocks in my body. This all because of my only son.

I was married at 15 and for 17 year I thought that my sex life with husband is very good and I also never thought of other man though many male in and outside family were eager to offer their lund in my cunt. I had only one son and naturally I used to make him happy by meeting all his demands. My husband was an executive in a MNC at calcutta where we were staying then. Husband used to go office at 8 in morning and returns by 8-9 in night.

At one afternoon about 4 pm son asked me to come to market for some buying and roaming around. I dressed up in saree, petticoat, bra and blouse. I never wore panties under saree. We took a taxi and started. He told something to taxiwala and son sat besides me on back seat. He was happy so I was. He was seating very close to me. On way we stopped at few shops but he didn't buy any thing. Then we took some snacks and came back to taxi. I told him to return home, but he requested to see a movie. I said it is late and your father will be unhappy. He said we will go to English movie and we will return home before father is back. I agreed. He told taxiwala to take us to see a mast English movie and he placed his one hand on my thighs. I didn't mind but instead of keeping his hand still he moved it over thighs and took it near my cunt area and said mom you are very nice and I want to be near you. He placed his hand on cunt.

Without making him conscious I removed his hand. He kept talking about his friend, what they say about me etc. Suddenly, I found our taxi on a way where both side of road hundreds of girls of all ages and half dressed were standing making vulgar gestures. On enquiry driver told me that this is sonagachhi area and all these girls are randi(pros). I felt pity for them and at the same time I felt pressure on my cunt. I looked at son but he was looking other side and continue to caress and press my cunt over saree. He never did it before. I was unable to decide what to do, I was ashamed and in presence of driver I didn't like to scold him. Encouraged he took entire cunt in his hand and pressed it few time. I was getting tears in my eyes but I thought that seeing those half nude girls he is excited and I thought that I will teach him at home on return. He kept squeezing my cunt with one and other hand he placed on his crotch. Then taxi stopped and driver showed us way to theatre.

, BR>

We paid him and moved. Among crowd there were about 30-40 girls/ladies in different dresses. Son purchased tickets and said movie is going to start. We moved in along with crowd. Men were holding ladies as if they are in bed room and not in public place. We moved in the hall which was small having capacity of about 150 with a balcony where only few heads visible. We got seat in middle of a middle row. I looked around, males were kissing their ladies and some were ever holding breast. Two person came towards us, one thin who sat beside me and other good features sat beside thin man. Then lights went off. I told son(Amit) that I am not liking it here, we should go to other place. He took my hand and said stay and you will enjoy. Then there was an announcement " now movie will start, name is "freedom" and now the gate of theatre will open only after film ends, in between no one is allowed to go out. You enjoy movie but no force and any action against any lady. culprit will be severely dealt with" Announcement stopped and movie started After short casting first scene was a old lady sucking penis of a very young boy standing and on bed a middle aged man was fucking a small girl in mouth. I was shocked and could not believe that my son has took me to see a blue film in public. I had seen blue films with husband in bed room. I wanted to leave but there was no way, door were closed.

Then I felt two hands one each on both my thighs moving towards cunt area I immediately responded and removed there hand. But, Mr X who was other side of me said "madam don't get angry, see all around, every one is enjoying why not us, we will make you happy. Then I saw that two girls in front me has removed her blouse and bra and one has even sat on lap of his partner. I was unable to speak, further I thought if I shout people will know that I have come with son to see fucking film then everyone in hall will push his lund in all my holes. I surrendered. Mr X turned to me and placed his one hand on my one breast and with other started puling saree up.

I was not in a position to protest. I felt hand on my other breast also and both were enjoying by pressing it hard. They were doing it over blouse Mr X had pulled my saree up and made my thighs exposed, other side son also pulled saree up and inserted his hand inside and took hold of nude cunt, I had saved my cunt in morning itself. After few minutes both released breast out of there hand but I felt two hand exploring my cunt. Son told me to spread my thighs and move my hip little down. I obeyed and Mr X said your cunt is still very firm and he pushed one finger inside. Son took my hand and placed it on his nude and fully erect lund. This was first time I took his grownup penis in my hand. He told me to move my hand over his lund and he also inserted one finger in my cunt.

With fucking and sucking in movie and loud moaning of men and women around had arosed me also and I also started enjoying and pressed son's rod. Both were fucking my cunt first with one finger each and then they pushed two =two finger each and moved faster. Up mr x took my hand and he also placed it on his lund which was smaller and thinner than son's lund. I was having two lund in my hands and down four fingers in my bur. In the movie old lady was now sucking little girls cunt and young boy was pushing his lund in old lady's gand(ass). Middleage man was still fucking that girl in mouth. I moved my hands faster on both lunds and hips also moving up and down. I was really enjoying but Mr X couldn't stand and he discharged his cum in my hand. I wiped it on his pant. Mr x and his friend got up and went to toilet ( afterwards I came to know that it was common). Son continued fucking my cunt And I moved hand on his lund. He told me to lift my saree fully, I got up lifted my saree over waist and then sat down, every one back must have seen my full and round hips. I again took hold of his lund and he pushed three fingers in my cunt and told me to sit on her lund but I refused.. son continued finger fucking and I moved my hand faster on his lund, his lund was of good size, bigger than his father's. Then I turned back and saw that girl behind me is fully nude. Her both breast were being sucked. She also had two lund, one each in her hand and down her cunt was filled with fingers of both person beside her. Son said, take lund in your cunt. I kept quite but moved my hand over his lund faster.

On screen One lady of my age entered the room and pulled out young boy and also old lady from young girl and she herself put her mouth between thighs of young girl. The boy pushed his lund in lady's cunt. Then Mr x and his friend (say Mr Y ) returned and this time Mr y sat beside me and looked at my nude cunt. He said that his friend informed him that my breast are big and firm and cunt is still very tight. I like a cheap slut replied why don't you test yourself. My hand was fucking son very fast and he discharged in my hand. I rubbed all his cum over his lund and wiped my hand on his shirt. He also got up and left for bathroom. Beside him a girl was all nude and she was sucking her patener's lund.. Mr Y placed one hand on my shoulder and pulled towards him and placed other hand on one breast. He caressed breast softly and kissed me on lips passionately. He was handling me tenderly.

His hand moved from one breast to other. I was very excited and horny. I moved my hand and put on his crotch. He said, can I open your blouse but I said enjoy it from top and next time He can have me all nude. He invited me to a hotel after movie, but I refused. He was massaging breast very nicely, down I opened his pant zip,, I told him to pull down his pant and underwear, he did that immediately and again pulled me to him. I took hold of his lund. Just by touching I got very excited and felt like taking his lund in my bur and mouth there itself. He has a big, much bigger than my son's and thick like fully developed cucumber. I said your rod is very nice and it will fill me fully. I moved my hand over his erect lund and he placed his one hand on my thighs. He said your maal's are very tight like a unfucked girl and he parted my cunt lips and rubbed cunt petals with his finger. He was giving me real maza.

He moved his hand up on slit, took hold of clit and squeezed softly,. I parted my thighs and he moved his fingers over cunt petals. I was becoming mad for fucking, But I decided to enjoy what he was doing. He then took hold of my thighs and pulled it towards him. I bend further towards him and placed that thighs over his legs. My cunt was wide open. He continued pressing my clit and and with other hand he was caressing my thighs and My hand on his lund was moved faster. I was finding it difficult to hold his thick lund. His handling of clit made me moan loudly and I started moving my hips up and down. "you need good fucking'I replied yes but not today. I told him that his lund is best and I will take in my bur but any other day. I said fuck me with your finger. He obeyed and and pushed first one, then two and then three. He moved his fingers in the cunt fast and said your bur is really tight, if you come with me, I will pay rs 1000 for one hour. He asked can you come tomorrow, I said I will come day after tomorrow but told him to come alone. I said his friend's lund is like a kid but I said That I will come with my friend. He agreed and moved his finger faster. I was kissing him, and fucking his lund with hand.

At this time my son returned and sat beside me. He also turned towards me, opened my blouse, tookout both breast out of bra and sqeezed both. I told Mr y to feel my nude breast which is waiting for his sqeeze. He took one breast in hand and softly pressed and said you deserve more than 1000 for your assets. I was enjoying and forgotten that I am a wife of respectable person. Suddenly one bell rang and dim lights put on. He said movie will end in next five minutes so requested me to make him discharge.

He moved his finger faster, I removed my hand and bend down to take thick lund in the mouth. I moved mouth over his lund faster and within three-four minute he discharged in my mouth, I lifted my mouth and kissed him deeply. At this moment lights put on and I found that many persons watching our act. I smiled, got up, arranged my bra and blouse and we came out. While coming out Mr x pushed some sheets in my hand, I looked at them, these were hundred rupes note seven in number. He must be rich I thought, for sucking and fingering he can pay 700 he will certainly pay over 2000 for fucking me. I acted like a cheap and also paid like professional. We took auto and started back home We were sitting quite, I took a stock of what happened and I blamed myself for this cheap sexual act in public.

I looked at my son, he was quite and looking other side. I put one hand on his thighs and kept quite. On the way we took some snacks, changed to taxi and came back home at about 7. 30 pm. In house I became fully nude and told, "son I am not angry for what happened but this could have been avoided. If you would have told me, I would have allowed you to fuck and suck my cunt. In fact I did not given attention that you have grown up, and need a female, now you have seen and enjoyed my assets come and fuck me before your father comes back, acts in movie hall has really made me horny and if you want we will go again there or any other such place. '

I was really wanting good fuck, so I made him nude and took his penis in hand. It was limp. I moved my hand over it, took and suck in mouth but it didn't grow. I lied down and spread my cunt lips wide and asked him to suck it but he didn't move. I was surprised, in hall he made me hold his strong and erect lund and finger fucked but at home he is like a impo. Then he said, 'Mom, for last two year I had watching you getting fucked by dad and I masterbated, now I am able to get erection only when you are with some one or some one is watching us. In past when papa is not around I tried to get erection and thought of approaching you for fucking, I never get erection. That's why I took you to public place. I really want to fuck you but.. " I called him and pulled him on me. I took his limp lund and put it between cunt lips and rubbed along petals and clit for some time but his lund still limp. I was shocked and some how, I decided he must fuck his mom to get out of his public phobia. There was bell ring, I told him to go to bathroom with all my clothes and I put on a simple night gown. I opened the door, my husband was there, he came in, as usual took me in arms and kissed me. I pulled off his clothes to underwear and made a double whisky to him and said that I am very horny, can he fuck me just now and I lifted my gown up to waist. "oh darling, I am always ready,. He pulled down his underwear and pushed me down.

I removed gown, I was nude and without any forplay he inserted his rod in my cunt. He fucked me for about 6-7 minutes, got discharge in my bur, got up and went to bathroom(attached with our bed room) I locked bathroom door from outside and came back to drawing room. There son was standing with his erect lund in hand, I lied down again and he pushed his lund in my bur. he must have seen his dad fucking me so he was hot. Hiis lund was thick and longer than his dad and he hold my breasts and fucked heavily. He was about 67kg, I liked his fucking and about ten minutes he also discharged. I pulled him and said after dinner I will make arrangement that your dad will ask you to fuck me, and advised him not to say that he has seen me or any other girl nude. I pushed him away and ran to bathroom to my husband. We bathed together and came out. I started to wearing punjabi dress but he stopped and said wear a pink colour see through gown without underwear. I said but what son will think,.

You are his mother and some time he has a right to see your beautifull body and moreover you are not nude, there is a covering. I wore mini see through gown which was not even upto my knees and tight on my breast and hips. My husband was in horny mood and it will be easier to make him convinced to permit me to fuck by son. I had a plan. I came out and told Amit that I am tired and not in a mood to cook so get some nan, kababs and curry from nearby hotel. He got up, I told him to take money from my purse (which I earnedtoday). He went out and I sat beside my husband. He said that these days Amit is very quite, I said he is growing and he may be needing girl's body. "you are his mother, and some time you can allow him to see your body. He will like it. ' I said you are mad and sat on his lap.

Door was only shut. He opened all buttons (frontside Of my gown) and said let him see your mast breast and cunt to make him happy. I said I don't know. He moved his hand all over my body and tookone breast in mouth. I wondered what he do if he comes to know about my cheap sex acts in public and that his son has already fucked me just half an hour back in his house. Feel of thick lund of Mr Y came into my hand and mouth and I decided to have it in my cunt day after tomorrow. Husband continued to play with my balls, thighs and cunt, where as I was waiting for son to come and se me in this condition. it was 9 pm and chance of any one else coming inside was remote.

After about half an son returned without knocking at door and saw me all nude and his dad's hand all over my body. I got up and put just two button on waist and let breast wide open. I took things from him and went to kitchen. I called Amit in for help. He came in and from back he took hold of both breast. "Wait for some time, then you can fuck me in presence of your dad". We came out and arranged plate for them. I went to bed room and mixed rum with whisky and served in three glass and offered one to amit. First he refused and I said You are now big and you must be sleeping around with young girls, you can join us. We cheered for our happiness and drank. Husband drank double peg in one sip and I served him more. He was going to be drunk soon.

We were sitting in semicircle and I was sandwithed between them Dad asked "amit have you seen a nude woman" no, amit said. 'Your mom is most beatytifull and have mast assets, did you not see them, and he took one breast in hand. He was drunk and not knowing what he is doing. Amit said for first time now only he saw my breast. " Son, you can see and feel them, they are yours. After all she is your mother and you have first right, see how round these brests are, " Husband finished another drink and said" ratna, let your hold your breast". I took amit's hand and placed it on my other breast. Now father and son squeezing my breast together. He told me to see whether son is really need a women and told me to take his lund in hand. I removed his lungi and took lund which was in fully erected in my hand and said" his lund is bigger than you". At this husband removed his clothes and placed in lund in my other hand. He was fully drunk, though his lund was erect, I knew it will cum with few hand strokes only. He told Amit to open remaining button of gown, he did and I was nude.

See everyone around wants to push their lund in your mother's cunt, even my boss so many time hinted me that if I permit him to fuck my wife, he will promote me, and now that sexy and tight cunt is waiting for you". I moved my hand faster on both lunds and just after few minutes husband discharged. Now my son was ready for action. Without instruction, he pushed me down, rode over me in 69 position. I took his lund in my mouth and he sucked, kissed and ate my cunt. Husband was watching and it itself was a best stimulous for me. Son sucked petals, and clit for few minutes and like in hall inserted three fingers in my cunt. I was sucking his lund and holding balls in my hand, husband put his mouth on my breast. Sucking of clit was giving lot of pleasure and my hips moving up and down.

I pressed his head on my bur but he got up changed his position, kissed me deeply on lips giving me taste of my cunt and pushed his big lund in my cunt. Husband was holding his limp lund in hand and watching his wife getting chudai by his only son. I felt pity for him, took his lund in mouth and started sucking and fondling his balls. Son was giving me tremendous pleasure and fucking me hard and fast with same lund which in evening didn't get up despite my efforts. Son was well built and strong and I was happy that I can get chudai from him any time. Son has increased his speed so my hips and exploded in my bur. I signalled him to put his lund in my mouth, so he did and I sucked each and every drop of his cum. To my surprise my husband put his mouth between my thighs and sucked my cunt. I was very much satified and announced that from now I have two husband. There after we three slept together for next ten year till Amit got married. But sometime after marriage Amit told his wife about our relation and convinced her to accept us. There after we four are sleeping together. Amit has a handsome son of three year. My husband some time sucks cunt of his daughter-in-law and in return she sucks his limp lund. Despite innitiation by daughter in law husband could not push his lund in her tight bur. We suck and eat each others cunt very often and Amit fucks us nicely.

My bahu knows that I do chudai in public and I am being paid for that. She wanted to come with me but I said till my cunt is in demand you rest at home and after being fucked by her son she can be turned public property. But, let me finish present experience, Third day I clean shaved my cunt, put shampoo in hair and at 4pm I changed to black trouser and white loose shirt without bra or panty. I took son with me and reached at movie hall. That Mr Y was waiting, he was alone, he came near us, shok hand with son and placedx his hand around me and asked whether I am ready for chudai. I smiled and he took us to a tea stall. My son remained out to see posters. He directly told me that he has customers for me who will pay 2500 for per hour and if I am ready for group, I will be paid rs 10000. He assured me of all safety and said police will never trouble me.

He also told me that If I do chudai with my friend(son) or any one else in presence of people I will be paid rs 1000 per people present beside rs 2000 if any one of person present will fuck me. He gave me his card and ask to inform him of my decision. He also given me a cover and said this is 2000 for today's pleasure. "you may give me after when you are satisfied". He touched my hand and said I know you are a best maal. Son came and said that movie is going to start. We went in but today he tok us through stairs. We entered balcony, there were only four doble bed cots with mattresses and three one couple each were sitting. on each cot.

They looked at us and we sat on empty cot. mr Y said One cot costs rs 500 per show and it is comfortable. I sat in between them, placed both hand on cot and reclined back. Mr Y (name was Manu) took my face and kissed on lips, son put his hand on my trouser and opened zip and pulled it downand spread legs apart. Lights were still on and person in balcony looked toward us,. Manu tok hold of me and opened all buttons and removed shirts, " nice you have no underwear. I was totally nude, and both got busy, son with my cunt and Manu with breasts. Lights went off and after announcement movie started but I saw that lights (from railings) falling on cots and making our body clearly visible. I look around and other cots all were nude and busy in acts. I told them to put off there clothes which they did. They sat beside me and I took lunds in each hand. Both lund was tight and hard but Man's lund was longer and thicker. I was fondling there lunds and they with my cunt and breast. On screen a dog was sucking a young woman. After about ten minutes I told manu to sit on one end and spread his legs. I changed to doggy position and took thick lund in mouth and on back son pushed his lund in the cunt. He held my tight and round bums and pushing lund deep and hard. Down I was moving mouth over thick lund and he was pressing both breast. Son was doing hard and fast chudai, he continued it for about 10-12 minutes, I pushed out my cunt from his lund and changed posion fast, I placed my thighs over shoulder of manu and took lund of son in mouth.

He spread my cunt and pushed his lund, but hardly one inch went, I was feeling pain, he took out his lund and spat on my cunt and moved one, then two, then three fingers insid, he finger fucker me for some time, I signalled him to put his thick lund in, he took out fingers and placed lund in and given hard push. 3-4 inch lund went in, he took hold of my shoulders and again pushed very hard and this time all 9 inch went in. My bur was copletely jammed and he started fucking slowly and I really enjoyed, It was the best fuck I had. I was lost in pleasure of chudai, son was continuing fucking of mouth and both were fondling breast. Bell ranged means in 5 minutes movie will end, I was in no hurry but Manu increased speed and thust, My hip was moving up and down fast. I took hold of him in my arms and my thighs were still on his shoulder. Then movie ends and lights put on.

We were busy fucking and then both discharged, son in mouth and Manu in cunt. I put down my thighs and ge got up. I was still lying and looked around to see that three couples and one other young were looking at my nude body. Leasourly, I got up, smiled at them and told son and manu that they have given maximum pleasure and I kissed manu. I pulled on pant and shirt and moved out of room. Unknown young man took hold of me and took aside and said management will pay rs 5000 per show with customers like I did just now. He pushed a cover in my pocket and in course pressed my balls and tthese are good, please call me, and left. We came out, Manu took my waist in his arm and he also put one cover in my shirt pocket and pressed my ball. He said he never had such cunt and he will like to have me again and invited me to his house, I smiled and promised that I will call him soon.

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Old 26th September 2011
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We came out, took taxi on way we passed through redlight area and I smiled on girls, they waived me. I was one among them now. "son, are you happy". He smiled and put his hand on my cunt, I pressed his hand. We changed taxi, took snacks and came home. I went to bed room and took out covers. Manu had given me one thousand more and that young man 1500. 00 with phone no and adress. Now, I had turned professional and decided to go that way and enjoy with earning. My son and me had given public show of fucking in all holes, among men and also to ladies.

I allowed Manu to fuck me on few occasion, but I didn't charge any thing. I visited that theatre again on many occasion and satisfied many unknown lunds. On one occasion I was booked for a private party and there during six hour about 50 persons fucked me in all position and I was conscious all along,. That day itself, I earned about a lakh. I satisfied my husband's boss in presence of my son and husband and earned promotion for husband. I am still on, My son made me a randi, but I am not angry, because this allowed satisfaction of my sex desires. Every lady must allow their son to fuck and suck their cunt. Bye.

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Old 26th September 2011
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The Auto Ride with Mom

This happened when I was small. We were going to our village It was evening time and the bus was scheduled to reach around seven where uncle would be awaiting to pick us Mom told the conductor to wake us up on reaching Kattoran It had been a long time since we visited and now everything was in progress and the old route wasn’t there so we had to depend on others though we were of the village Mom told me to lie on her lap and take a nap and so did she. But that nap changed our lives. The conductor forgot to call us at our place it was around 7. 30 that mom woke and asked if the place was near to receive an apologetic reply that the place was behind.

Mom got angry and shouted at him saying that she was alone and in this night what was she to do The conductor told her that it was all right and said would drop her at a bus stop where she could take a bus back to her stop which was only 3 stops away She agreed with no other way and we got down at Pulangur. It was only .30 but the streets felt like 10. 00 pm already because like in most villages after six no women goes out (remember this was 25 years back). We stood there waiting for some time then a old man (around 60) approached us and mom had great respect for the old she greeted him as he asked where were we off to When she said Kattoran, he replied that the last bus had just gone. mom was getting tensionised He told there was only one way to reach there – take a auto mom looked to the auto stand and saw that they were all youngsters and she expressed her fear of traveling alone in a auto so he said he would accompany us if she would pay his return auto fare which mom agreed. He called to an auto and the old man entered first then me followed by mom.

We rode on with the old man who kept on talking of his family saying he had a daughter who lived in city Then at a near by junction an old man (around 55)was waving his hands The auto stopped "what’s up man " the auto driver asked "can u please give me a lift to Kattoran, the last bus just left" the driver looked at mom she agreed and moved The old man said thank u and sat near mom and we moved on After some time he asked questions to mom and came to know that her father had studied with this man and he lived nearby She felt relief He then took a cigar and lit it.

As he lit it I saw mom pulling back I thought it was probably of the thick smoke but then I saw her blushing and turning red it was then I saw as he dragged in smoke and released his elbow would touch her breast She moved back till there was no more space Then the auto stopped and I saw a young man entering and mom began to protest but the 1st old man said to her this is normal here since after the last bus the only vehicle here is auto which seldom arrives. But there is no space she said o there is and he lifted me to her lap and said please adjust. Mom did not say anything but moved so the young man could enter The old man massaged my back and smiled at me but actually he was rubbing moms breast with his back of hand Every body thought I could not see but (Indians know how these Indian autos are – covered with mirrors and fancy things especially in a village)

This auto had 3 mirrors so I could see all I saw the shock on my moms face. She never expected this from the old men. " What are you doing " I heard her ask and heard a great laughter when the old man said "This too is normal here" suddenly the young man took her hand and pulled it upward. Behind the seat there was a small rope knotted in hangman’s style, into which they put her hand inside and tighted it She struggled hard as he took her other hand to do the same Her hand tied above she could do nothing I watched as the old man with his shaky hands removed the green pallu of moms saree and began to open her green blouse. Her breasts seemed suffocating in the green bra which they teased to open Her breasts jumped off like 2 balloons.

They pressed her breast and nibbled her nipples, which rose to the occasion and thrust out The auto now stopped to the side and I was pushed out. All others got out and watched as the young man sat on her lap facing her and pressing her breast, then slowly slid to her navel then slowly undid her saree She was now in her green underskirt which they pulled off to reveal her in her green panties He pushed open her legs and kissed her pussy and then began to nibble and slowly turned her around her ass was now on his man he slowly removed the panties I watched as the first line of her split began to emerge Then he inserted his finger and pushed around she began to twist She closed her leg and began to cry but they were deaf He then turned her around and the 2 old men went to either sides and pulling her leg to each side held it now she was spread eagled and her pussy was split open and he began to lick it slowly as if to tease her then began to suck her hard.

After which he opened his pants and took out his large dick and inserted in her as she screamed out loud he held her breast and fucked real had then I saw him tighten his grip and slowly fell on her then suddenly he got up and thrust his rod to her mouth and made her lick and suck Then they removed off the rope and pushed her off She fell on the road Thinking it was over she asked her clothes back and they laughed and advanced towards her I saw the terror in her eyes as she saw 3 of them coming near she tried to run but they pulled her down The 1st old man turned her on her tummy and watched her back greedily and kneeling down opened her ass and licked it then pulled off his loonkey and stroking his man pushed it deep inside her virgin ass she screamed and I thought the neighbors would come but they either didn’t hear or this was usual here. The old man continued greedily then without removing his rod pulled her on fours and pressing her breast fucked fast Then splashed his solution all over her ass The next old man pushed her to the ground and lay on her as others held her hand and fucked her pussy The auto driver opened his pants and pressed into her mouth deep down Within secs all ejaculated.

My mom pulled herself to go when she was stopped by the young man in auto "where r u going u have one more person to fuck "she looked around and said there’s noone else "How about your son?" Her face turned crimson then realizing he was going to do it began to plead with him "NO! NO! NOT MY SON! HE IS SMALL! DON’T DO THIS TERRIBLE THING! FOR GODS SAKE I AM HIS MOTHER" bit it all fell on deaf ears.

They were happy to see her struggle I was pushed forward and told to strip My rod had risen seeing her naked "So this is your son, but his rod doesn’t look so it looks like your husbands" and they laughed "and he is interested in his mom" My mom gave me a disgusted look (something like u too Brutus) They pulled my moms hair and forced her to suck my small penis which began to grow I tried hard not grow but it went on till it exploded in her mouth "so your son can come in his mothers mouth and enjoy so why don’t u allow him to enjoy " and he pulled her and began to fuck her pussy I watched my mom sitting on his lap and riding as his cock rode on deeper and deeper till he came then he made her on her hands n leg I was behind her and watched her pussy split open I moved on and fucked as he did almost lying on her back and thrusting I soon contributed to her pussy and she almost pushed me off in anger.

They laughed and said in a serious tone "Kutiya any ideas on police and u wont return home " I trembled seeing the change, but as they all knew that days more than fear of life fear of shame led them to silence and so did this incident until now.

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thanks for sharing
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Originally Posted by rati.gogoi View Post
  • [FONT='Georgia','serif']“Mahesh … Put geetha madam’s saree and petticoat together with the rest of her dresses”, I slightly opened my eyes to see Mahesh grinning and taking my clothes away from the room and vanishing and shailesh intently studying my pubic area. “geetha madam you have a very nice structure”. I had kept my thigh as close and as tight as possible and lying there very conscious that I am totally nude in a broad day light in front 2 strangers. My pussy was so dripping wet, I was ashamed to even think what would happen if it is touched now… Shailesh gently but with some force started spreading my thigh apart and made a “cluck” sound after looking my vagina. “geetha madam we are going to make it 10 times nicer… relax”. With that he was in business and I lied with my hands covering my already tightly closed eyes. [/font]
  • [FONT='Georgia','serif']“suddenly I heard another pair of footsteps… Coming close to my face (must be Mahesh), shailesh sprinkled the water and started lathering the hair in that area extra lavishly taking time… I was thoroughly excited and was getting turned on more by the minute. He started shaving off the hair above and the sides of the lip region and was carefully shaving the region below. Half way through he spread the lips wider with his fingers. “hmm nice pink flesh geetha madam”. With that he started stroking my clit just above the lips… First gently and then with force. He kneaded it with his fingers and pinched the clit. It was too much for me and I arched my hip on air and moaned aloud. I was at the verge of coming but felt that a pair of hands over my head reaching over me and grabbing my bare boobs. I gasped to find that the pair of small hands pinched my nipples. My nipples were pinched in tandem with the kneading of my clit by shailesh and let myself out with a loud cry. With my hip held high up and my nipples and clit being treated good shailesh’s other had using the opportunity to trace a line along my butt crevice while I was cumming. This made me go crazy and what seemed to be an eternity I continued cumming for about a full minute and half or two I suppose. Shailesh’s hand was very vet with my juices flowing across and he came by my side and took my hands off my eyes. I was lying still collapsed. Please turn around geetha madam. I nodded and turned. Mahesh was grinning wide and standing by my side. He was sporting a hard on as well which was now casually brushing my cheeks over his half trousers. Shailesh resumed his position and spread my thighs wide again and continued to later my butt hole. “I am going to clean this region also geetha madam and make it hair-less” and he started applying his razor with great care to take the hair off the region and at one point he called Mahesh for help. I was wondering what would be that… And I soon found out. Mahesh was opening my butt cheeks and spreading it wide while shailesh applied the lotion there in the hole. It was so humiliating, yet exciting. I felt my body responding for another session. Shailesh was slowly inserting his already wet finger now in to my butt cheeks while I jerked and shrieked an “loops”. His finger found the spot and was slowly moving in and Mahesh released my butt cheeks and came in front. He tried to insert his hands to reach for my boobs, but found it a bit difficult as I decided to throw a little challenge. He seemed to think a few seconds and dug his 10 fingers simultaneously on either side of my hip and started tickling me. At the same time shailesh inserted his other hand into my lips deep and started moving his fingers from both hands in and out of my butt and pussy. The tickling and fingering at the same time was too much and I yielded to Mahesh, he reached for my boobs and cupped them. He caressed the left one while pinching the right nipple gently, the whole set up was too much and shailesh pulled me up so I rested on my knees and my butt was in the air. After a few minutes of persistent fingering of my butt and pussy and fondling of my big melons I was building to another orgasm and was reaching pretty close to it. A few moments before the height if it shailesh abruptly removed his hands and taking the cue, So did Mahesh. [/font]
  • [FONT='Georgia','serif']I was confused and breathless. Shailesh smiled at me sitting on the table confused. He slowly started undressing. He nodded at Mahesh and he left the room locking the door. I was in such a state at that point; I could do anything to end that mounting climax. It was too depressing. When shailesh took off his trouser I could see a nice thick one behind his boxers. He pushed his boxer slowly off his hip and his stiff cock sprang out… I was mesmerized and was staring at it. He came closer to me and took my hand and let me hold it. I ran my fingers along the shaft and glided them down towards his balls. And cupped his balls and squeezed it gently. I ran my other hand to the tip of the shaft and started drawing circles very gently. Within seconds I could feel my hand wet with the pre-cum. He smiled and brought my head below. I bent down to kiss it while holding his stiff ass cheeks with my hands on wither side. He surprised me with a force and pushed my head towards his cock and made me take ‘his’ in my mouth. I ran my tongue along it. Still in the trance. I flicked my tongue in and around the tip of his shaft. It was thick and hard as rock. I was completely complying with my bodily needs; he was cupping my soft melons now and resting his hands on my nipples. He was fingering them gently and pressing my boobs while I was slowly sucking his cock in and out. After a few minutes of this he sensed his mounting feeling and stopped me. He removed his cock from my mouth, went to the corner of the room and came back slowly unwrapping a condom. It was strangely turning me on to see a fully grown man butt naked walking towards me with a stiff hard on. (I had never seen my brother yashwant that way) I was waiting with a peculiar never-had-before anticipation. [/font]
  • [FONT='Georgia','serif']He told me to bend down and rest on all fours on the floor. “let’s do something different geetha madam”… With that he knelt behind me and grabbed my ass cheeks and inserted my pussy from behind in doggie style. That was another surprise to me. The mounted me with such expertise that I felt like I was doing in that position for ages… He started humping me gently holding my butt and I was supporting myself with my hands on the ground. After a few strokes he started doing it with force and came closer to my body from behind and held my hanging breasts from either side and started squeezing. I started moaning aloud…. Very loud now as I hadn’t experienced this type of feeling excitement ever before. With each hump from him I could feel ‘it’ building inside me… Steadily. [/font]
  • [FONT='Georgia','serif']I could hear myself shouting ‘aah’ aah aah aah aahaaah aah aaaah aah aaaah…. And him slapping my butt chaaaap…. Chaapppp… Now and then, This was so kinky yet an incredible turn on for me and I could feel the mounting orgasm by the minute. He squeezed my boobs with one hand and somehow managed to finger my butt hole at the same time while he was humping… After mounting and for what seemed forever I felt his body stiffen suddenly and he held me like a strong guerilla and humped with a high speed. I sensed him cumming and I was at the verge as well… While he stiffened and shot in me I let out a loud moan at the same time (this is entirely new to me) I was cumming at around the same time and I realized I was moaning and jerking for a long moment even after he was done before collapsing. I dropped on the floor dripping in sweat. [/font]
  • [FONT='Georgia','serif']Shailesh let me lay in the position for a little while and lifted me gently with smile on his face, he took me to the shower annexed and let me take a hot steaming shower. I had a long relaxed steam bath and when I was done I wiped myself dry with a towel there and opened the door. Shailesh was dressed by then and waiting for me with my clothes. He took the towel from me and produced a camera “for my memories geetha madam…” I was in no mood to resist now and he quickly snapped one with even a little smile on my face. He let me dress up all the while watching me at the various stages of (un)dressing.[/font]
  • [FONT='Georgia','serif']He told me “we shall see us next time geetha madam… Pls collect your blouse the day after tomorrow, let us do a trial … And I hope you would have a nice time at the party with your friends “… With the he waved me good bye… With a meaningful smile. I just left the place thinking about my friend deepa’s remark why this place could be ** popular ** among women!! [/font]

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mmm....hot stories....

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nice pic & story

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Good work

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